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If you’re starting a new business or expanding your current one, setting up your new office space might seem like something of a formality compared to other areas of your venture. However, don’t take it lightly; getting your office fit for purpose is absolutely essential to ensuring things start off well. 

A good office is a properly equipped office, and while a full equipment list of everything you need to get started would require a depressingly large bound document, here are four absolute essentials you simply cannot go without when putting a professional space together. 

Plugs, plugs and a few more plugs 

The list of electricals the average office needs is often a big one, but you should never forget the power sources behind them. For all the fancy computer tech and gizmos you might want to introduce, there’s no point having it all if there aren’t enough power units to support the whole office space. 

The answer lies in the sub header above: all the plugs you can get your hands on. For bigger offices, that’ll mean installing a well thought out series of sockets. In a smaller office, a collection of quality extension leads and cable reels will often be the lifeblood of your operation. 

Internet you can rely on 

One thing you can never skimp on in an office environment is your internet package. Unless you’re running a one-man band, a simple home broadband service will not suffice, and it’s essential you get a solid enough package to support your business goals and the size of your operation. 

Of course, there’s always a balance to be found between the best value and the best possible service, but don’t shy away from getting a business broadband package that you can rely on to never let you down. 

Ergonomic furniture 

Once upon a time, office furniture used to be an afterthought. A means to and end. As long as there were desks for the computers and chairs to sit on, you were golden. 

These days, it’s not that simple. In an increasingly sedentary working world, things like back and spine health are becoming a bigger focus. So, for the sake of your staff’s happiness and indeed your own pocket, steer clear of employee complaints and injuries with ergonomically and modular focused furniture, including ergonomic keyboards, that minimizes the risk of any problems and reduces the use of space.

A kitted-out kitchen 

Speaking of staff happiness, never underestimate the power of the brew when it comes to staff wellbeing. A quality break space and all the kitchen essentials that go with it should be there on day one to keep your team happy and productive. 

A full list of office essentials would be a hellishly long one, and no doubt something you’re due to discover soon if you’re about to get set up. Just make sure you don’t forget the four above when getting started, and everything else should fall nicely into place.  

By Hassan

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