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The overwatch story takes place sixty years after the “Omnic Crisis” resolution, on a fictionalized Earth sixty years from now.

Humans developed “Omnics” – intelligent robots created with artificial intelligence – assembled in automated facilities to gain economic equality, later becoming people themselves. During the Omnic Crisis, the omniums began developing lethal, hostile robots that became hostile to humans. A UN task force, Overwatch, was formed quickly to deal with the omnic threat and restore order to the world.

The Overwatch program is overseen by two veteran soldiers: Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison. Even though Overwatch successfully quenched the robotic uprising and brought many talented folks to the forefront, a rift between Morrison and Reyes led to Morrison taking control of Overwatch. In contrast, Reyes took over Blackwatch, Overwatch’s covert operations unit.

During the “Overwatch Generation,” Overwatch maintained peace around the globe, but Morrison and Reyes became enmity increasingly with one another. Public outcry and internal fighting among Overwatch members resulted in accusations of wrongdoing and failures, leading to an investigation by the UN. During this time, a blast allegedly killed Morrison and Reyes at Overwatch’s Swiss headquarters. Using the Petras Act, the UN dismantled Overwatch and prohibited Overwatch-type activities.

A second Omnic Crisis may be coming to Russia after some years have passed after the Petras Act – corporations have taken over, fighting has broken out, and terrorism is spreading throughout parts of the globe. A group of former Overwatch members decides to reform Overwatch despite the Petras Act, recruiting old allies and recruiting recruits. Consequently, Reyes and Morrison are not dead. As Soldier: 76, Morrison is searching for why Overwatch was shut down, and Reyes, when he joined Talon as “Reaper,” used death as a disguise. Here are the characters that gain the highest popularity.

1. Tracer anime waifu pillow

The London native became Overwatch’s youngest experimental pilot when he joined the program. A Slipstream jet malfunctioned, capable of traveling through time, and she disappeared alongside it. After being presumed dead for months, Tracer suddenly reappeared years later, only to appear in a different state. She had difficulty grounding herself in the present, constantly reappearing and disappearing. She is still wearing Winston’s chronal accelerator that he invented to stabilize her.

2. D. Va anime waifu Pillow

As a Tank character, D.Va is famous for her powerful MEKA, despite her small and non-expectant frame. Her short-range weapons are powerful, and she has the ultimate ability to wipe out a room of enemies instantly. She is known for being able to leap out of her mech upon death and run away, which extends her life.

3. Widowmaker anime waifu pillow

Despite Widowmaker’s limited mobility and ill health, she is very effective as a long-range sniper, killing people from great distances. She can kill nearly anyone with one hit of her Widow’s Kiss rifle when fully charged to its maximum capacity. Additionally, since she is capable of climbing ledges most people cannot reach, she can escape enemies’ sight. This mitigates her poor mobility.

4. Hanzo anime waifu pillow

The game’s main character is Hanzo, who uses a bow to defend himself and can one-shot most other characters. The materialization of his ultimate, which symbolizes two dragons he and his brother symbolize, can decimate everything it touches. Unlike most archers, he excels at long-distance combat and has a wide range of arrows at his disposal to cover a specific area.

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