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CNC Wood Router Machine

Speaking of CNC wood router, let’s first briefly introduce what CNC wood router is. CNC wood router is a precision mechanical equipment mainly used to process wooden materials. It can cut, engrave, and perforate wood. Craft. The CNC wood router has now undergone more than ten years of rapid development, and it has gradually replaced woodworking saws, hand-held woodworking cutting machines and other machines. CNC wood routers have been widely used in the wood processing industry. Also you can prefer belt driven air compressors that use a belt that connects the air pump to the motor.

Most of the machine body of CNC wood router is constructed by welding steel or iron, which also provides a very stable processing platform for the machine tool. The important components of CNC wood router are motor drive system, transmission system, processing spindle, worktable, vacuum pump and so on. If your CNC wood router has an automatic tool change function, then it also has a tool magazine. If your workbench is a vacuum adsorption workbench, then you can process the material through the vacuum pump on the vacuum adsorption workbench and the partitioned processing area.

The biggest feature of CNC wood router is faster processing speed and better processing quality, which can greatly increase the processing rate of the factory and reduce labor costs. It has a very wide range of functions, for example, it can process the three sides of the wood, and it can also slot and hollow the wood.

Training before using the

CNC wood router is necessary, otherwise, do not operate it, otherwise it will be prone to failure and damage the life of the CNC CNC wood router.

Operation steps:

  1. Theoretical basis of CNC CNC wood router:

The training work must start with theoretical training, and the operator must be able to carry out practical operation training after passing the theoretical examination. If the theoretical training fails, operation training must not be carried out.

  1. The use of CNC CNC wood router tools:

After the theoretical training, the training of CNC CNC wood router tools must be carried out. The operator must be aware of common tools, engraving motor speed, travel speed, precautions, etc., and the operator must be familiar with the application of the tool.

  1. Application range of CNC CNC wood router:

The operator must be familiar with the range of plates engraved by the CNC CNC wood router, and be familiar with different materials, different thicknesses, and different finished product sizes. Familiar with different engraving methods of different materials.

  1. Operation of various software of CNC CNC wood router:

Software training can only be carried out after passing the above training. The software training is mainly concentrated in the field of user application; for the aspects that the user does not need, you can learn by yourself according to the training manual. The software requirements are: various types of software, various operations, path generation, and the ability to quickly find path errors.

  1. Numerical control CNC wood router operation training: After the above various trainings, the explanation of the trained personnel and the comprehension assessment of the operators: the operators are trained on the operation safety and operation precautions, and the trained personnel are in the operation safety The operator can conduct trial operation training of the CNC CNC wood router after signing and approving the matter.
  2. Various precautions for operation of CNC CNC wood router and training on engraving machine maintenance.

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