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The Right Time and Occasion To Wear Heart Pendant Necklace

A heart necklace is a jewelry piece that every woman has worn at least once. Or else, received as a gift once in her lifetime. But the right time and outfit to wear this pendant have never been clear. So we are here with the answer because heart pendants have always been in trend. You might need the help any time soon. Isn’t it better to learn to style the heart pendant necklace to avoid confusion at the last minute? Do you have a heart necklace hidden there in your cupboard for long? You love it but don’t know how to style it? This style guide has been written for you. Your problem isn’t going to live any longer after reading this post. Read on to become a pro in styling that beautiful necklace perfectly.  

When To Wear a Heart Necklace

The suitable time or occasion to wear a heart necklace totally depends on its design. The outfit you are wearing also determines whether you should wear the heart necklace or not. Before getting into specific designs of the necklace, let us look at the board rules crucial to keep in mind. 

Avoid Wearing Heats To Work

Heart locket necklaces are a symbol of love and have a romantic feel to them. Wearing hearts is suitable for occasions where you want to feel romantic and sweet. If you carry a formal outfit to the office, a heart pendant may not suit the overall look. Save your favorite pendant for casual outings or special occasions like dates or anniversaries.

Consider The Colors and Style of Clothing

The style of clothing and color you wear can speak a lot about the look, and it lets you decide whether the heart necklace would go with the look or not. Choose to wear something feminine like a solid pastel dress as it will add an accent to the pendant. Heart necklace for women looks great when you wear it over a quiet colored dress. It is because quiet colors enhance the pendant’s charm and shine from a distance when you step out. Please do not wear it with a girly outfit. There’s a difference between girly and feminine. 

That means avoid frilly dresses, rompers, and crop tops when wearing a heart pendant. Do not pair it with girly colors like baby blue, pink, or violet. Prints like florals and graphic patterns do not usually pair with hearts.  

What To Wear With a Large and Small Heart Pendant

Apart from the pendant’s design, its size also has an impact on the clothing you should pair it with. The key is to place the pendant on the background that it needs. Pair larger heart pendant necklaces with lower necklines and smaller necklaces with higher necklines. 

If the pendant is larger, you should prefer wearing it with a bit of skin-showing and a monochromatic top. A larger pendant has to be the center point, and a top with too many prints or colors can crowd the necklace. It is best to wear large hearts with deep necks or cold shoulder tops. 

Small heart pendants look charming with a plain background like white. You can also wear calm patterns with smaller pendants like stripes. Layering the pendant can also help add a texture. 

How To Style a Simple Heart Necklace

A silver or gold heart necklace is easier to pair with the clothes than the artificial ones. Choose the clothing according to how you usually style other necklaces. A solid-colored heart-shaped pendant would look good with more color blocking and patterns in your outfit. Another benefit of simple styling hearts is that you can easily pair them with other jewelry. If you want your heart locket necklace to look subtle, you can layer it with other pendant necklaces. A heart necklace is charming and elegant. Wearing it the right way can give a very feminine and beautiful touch to your outfit.

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