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Everything has its own system and we have to put in much thought into it before we can have a properly functioning system. Well one of the systems of garbage disposal in India is in a mess and the good news is that, it is in your hands to take care of it and make sure that it is brought back on track. So, what’s messing up our waste management?

Well you got it right – used sanitary napkins! They account for a large amount of the waste, even though not many people have access to sanitary napkins. Surprising right? But that’s how it is. And these sanitary napkins take a lot of time to degrade which just keeps on piling with time and hence the level of environmental hazard keeps on increasing. How is this problem rising? Let’s find out.

Where we are going wrong

Well the thing that we are doing wrong on our part is that we are increasing the waste. How? Whenever we take a used sanitary napkin and wrap it in a newspaper to dispose it off somewhere, do we ever stop to wonder, where it might be going? They all get disposed and collected in one place where people dump it along with other waste products. Now the problem happens that it is not completely biodegradable and it takes a lot of time to decompose. It is also a store house diseases, which can harm manual scavengers working at the site and the animals and rag pickers who move about in the area. This waste, which keeps on piling with time and doesn’t decrease in the rate, in which it collects, can be reduced with the help of a sanitary napkin disposal machine. How? Let’s find out!

What we should be doing instead

In order to take the first step, first go ahead and get a sanitary napkin incinerator. So basically what you will have to do is make sure that you do not wrap the used napkin in a paper and throw it in the dustbin. So what can you do instead? Simple, use the disposal machine! What this machine does is that the moment you insert an used napkin into it and switch on the machine, it burns it into a pulp thus resolving the issue of excess waste of used sanitary napkins. It is a simple step, but it can not only reduce waste, but save lives as well.

You will get a Sanitary Napkin Incinerator easily online. They are not too hefty and hence can be placed anywhere you want. Just make sure that there is some open room, so that the smoke from the machine can be bellowed outside and not circulate in your home or the washroom. These machines can also be installed in public places which will help in bringing down the amount of waste significantly.

So the next time, choose a sanitary napkin burner, instead of a dustbin and you will take the first step towards disposing of your used sanitary napkin!

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