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Some people think that tree roots causing foundation problems is something of a myth, or a horror story by Stephen King. Actually, tree roots can cause some damage to your home, especially to your foundations and your drainage system. Read on for more information on how roots can become a problem in your home and what you can do about them.


It’s well known that tree roots can affect home’s foundations but they can do much more besides. Tree roots can also affect your plumbing and drainage systems and cause havoc to your water supply. This usually happens in the pipes outside.

Tree roots are the tree’s means of finding nutrients to keep it alive. They grow down and out in search of water supplies. There’s no better water supply than your drain pipes, especially if they have cracks and fissures in them.


It’s not only your drainage and plumbing that is affected by unruly tree roots, they also cause havoc to your pavements, patios,  and driveways. The reason for this is the way they grow, often close to the surface where the water source is.

To prevent this from happening it’s best to just have the tree removed, however, this is sometimes not possible. In those cases you need to contact an arborist to have the roots cut back and make sure your drains and foundations are in good condition.


As with the underground drainage tree roots can cause damage to your home’s foundations. They do this by finding small cracks and fissures in the concrete and growing into them. Eventually this splits the concrete and leads to expensive repairs.

Tree roots can also cause a loosen of the earth in certain regions that destabilised the foundations of your home. This may lead to subsidence. The best solution is to have nearby trees removed or carefully monitor their roots if you want to keep them around.


Outside your home you have waste disposal drains that are part of the sewage system. These drains are responsible for sending household waste to the sewage plant where it is treated and redistributed. Like your plumbing system, your drains are vulnerable to tree roots.

As with the plumbing system the tree roots seek out the water source of the drains and grow into them if they can find any cracks or gaps. Very soon you have blocked outside as the roots grow fast in these conditions.


As mentioned there are different solutions available, each one suited to a different issue. In most cases having the tree removed will solve the problem, this is usually done by a professional arborist. Otherwise, you have the roots cut back.

If you have problems with your drains then you may need a professional drain cleaning solution to ensure the roots are gone and are unlikely to return. A structural engineer, such as can help with and foundation problems you have caused by rogue tree roots.

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