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Technology is a beautiful part of life and it is constantly evolving. Advancements and new discoveries are consistently improving our way of life on Earth. Such technologies include low level light therapy. This treatment has been used throughout the years to treat medical conditions by professional doctors. Today, with the help of scientists and their studies, new ways to use this technology to treat medical conditions is being uncovered. Read more below to find out about the technology of low level light therapy.

What is Low Level Light Therapy

Low level light therapy is a treatment that uses photons to stimulate the cells functions. This therapy can also be abbreviated as LLLT. It improves cellular respiration and specifically targets malfunctioning areas of the body. It does this by absorbing the dead/weakened cells, allowing for new growth in the area once removed. LLLT is a clinically proven, FDA-cleared technology that allows scientists and medical professionals to treat medical conditions on animals and humans.

How is LLLT Used?

For example, low level light therapy is utilized extensively in the hair loss industry through the use of a hair growth cap. There are several brands on the market to choose from but here is the best laser cap for hair loss. The photons released from the laser therapy penetrate the cells on the problematic areas of the scalp. With this, blood flow is circulated to the hair follicles and encourages new growth. The hair eventually becomes thicker and fuller after several months of this treatment.

This treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home and is applied every other day for approximately 30-minutes. The use of these laser caps and the low-level light therapy technology has shaped the hair growth industry immensely.

Is this Science and Technology Effective?

Yes. Scientists and medical professionals have conducted several studies to prove that this technology is effective in treating certain medical conditions. It is now being used throughout the world. This science is even finding its way into the mental health sector of science. Scientists and doctors are studying how this technology can help treat patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, depression, and other mental illnesses.

The science and technology of low-level light therapy is just beginning to positively effect human beings. With the evolution of technology moving forward, it will be exciting to see what new ways this science can be used.


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