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Employee Engagement is an art, the strokes need to be delicate while painting this canvas as massive organizations deal not with products but humans who make the nerve of these prestigious firms. When making tea, one ingredient is not sufficient, its only the right amount of tea, sugar, and milk brewed and blended to the correct temperature that gives for that perfect cup, similarly employee engagement is a blend of various humans, each intricately performing their task, helping together formulate the end result that best serves the customer.


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Employee Engagement is more team building than improving individual productivity. Why is it important to build a team and not an individual? A person can be great at one thing and a little tardy in another but uplifting the right strengths in a group can help improvise on a whole. While focusing on one, often partiality starts to breed, thus it is advisable to encourage teams than picking one.

Teams tend to thrive on information that is socially exchanged which enables empower one & all. First step towards correct team building is to focus on how well do colleagues know each other? One may consider this step unnecessary but it is essential in the long run for people to know more about each other than mere names. An exchange of strengths and weaknesses is utmost necessary for the success of the organization. SWOT analysis is a smart strategy used by many firms externally in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats, this when performed internally in groups running along the entire organization not only builds teams, re-enforces values but also ensures everyone is on the same page. People and only people can help uplift each other and engagement can spread through grapevine just as fast as negative rumors spread if and when done correctly.


It’s no news that Appreciation goes a much longer way than even a bonus, but this fact recently has been disregarded and poorly treated. Appreciation when timely performed is like getting a surprise free dessert on a delicious meal, always welcomed and never fails to bring a broad smile. Appreciation and recognition go hand in hand, a certain increase or decrease in one or another and the results are evident. Appreciation done socially or privately has a major impact and is best when done socially, it not only acknowledges the efforts of one but encourages others to follow the same footsteps.



Like Appreciation and Recognition, Rewards play a huge role too. Often a myth that Appreciation replaces Rewards is popularly practiced but truth is that rewards and appreciation are two different doors leading to two different pathways. Rewards are essential in bringing out the true hidden potential in people and it serves great for organizations constantly striving to aim for enhanced performance. Rewards are proven to be the incentive required to enhance productivity, providing temporary satisfaction while leaving one craving for more thus resulting in proficient work & an extra effort in return for certain goodies.


Engagement can be achieved through various ways but one of the most effective yet unexplored ways to achieve great engagement is to provide family benefits than individual benefits. People tend to work so much and barely have time to put the benefits to use while they would love if their loved ones can be a part of receiving great perks, after all nothing brings a smile on someone’s face than seeing their loved ones happy because of their efforts. This is the eternal secret to Employee Engagement, one that often goes undiscovered but extremely powerful.



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