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The Significance of Turf Mowing & Most Suitable Equipment to Choose

When the word golf comes in mind, we start imagining a large area covered with lush green environment. Trees, turf, bunkers and different terrains are some of the eye-catching characteristics of a golf course. A golf course remains attractive only if it is maintained by experts regularly. It is very difficult to manage such a large area with hands, therefore, advanced machinery comes to existence. Mowers, rakes, rollers, sprayers, grinders, utility vehicles, dressers & spreaders are some of the basic requirements for maintaining a uniformity. Without adequate service, the entire area will turn into a forest where no games are possible. The very basic requirement of every golf course turf mower. Numerous models of turf mowers are currently available in the market that you can buy for different objectives. Scroll down to understand the significance of a golf course mower in detail. 

Major reasons to buy advanced golf course mowing machinery

1. For keeping the area suitable for playing

What is the purpose of a golf course if it is not suitable for playing? An ideal turf for the game requires proper trimming of grass in order to attain perfect hit. If the grass has grown over the height of 4-5 inches, no one will visit your golf course for playing. Consequently, it badly affects the business of membership passes.

2. Maintaining overall grace 

If you are expecting uniformity in the overall look of the golf course, the basic requirement is turf’s trimming. If the grass of your golf course is under control, there will be no space for unwanted plants. Consequently, the entire land area looks beautifully embellished.

3. Preventing from parasites infestation

In green areas, parasites such as weeds and pests are the most common problems. Long grass is the perfect habitat for their rapid multiplication. If you are using John Deere or Toro golf course mowers, there will be no space for pests and weeds to infest in your land. These mowers keep the length between 1 to 1.5 inch where nothing can grow without coming in your notice. 

Choosing the best quality golf course mower
when it comes to the selection of a golf course mowers, you need to consider various aspects. Currently, you can avail mowers of basically two kinds i.e. 

  1. Rotary Mower
  2. Reel Mower

These categories are classified on the basis of attachments equipped with machines. Read the points below for gaining more information with their significance.

1. For attaining perfection with precision

Reel mowers are the traditional equipment for grass cutting that you can find anywhere in a park or private lawn. The very basic version comes with a walk-behind setting that you can easily operate manually. The reel is a helical structure of blades that can be 3,5 or 7 depending on the capability of machinery. The blades of reel mower are meant for attaining perfection in turf maintenance. It keeps the height accurately up to 1 inch high without rooting out the grass. Most of the Jacobsen & Toro golf course mowers are available in this setting. Apart from the basic manual machine, you can buy its automated versions equipped with single, triple or 5 blades for fast working.

2. For a fast job accomplishment 

If you are assigned with the task of trimming the entire golf course in a day, nothing is better than rotary golf course mowers. As the name illustrates, the blades of these mowers are designed in a rotary shape of helicopter wings. Unlike horizontal revolving mechanism of reels, it cuts the grass vertically. A rotary mower is capable of cutting grass with any sort of height perfectly. After a round of rotary mower throughout the golf course, you need the help of reel mower low height cutting in some places. 

From the above information, it is clear that you need mowers of both mechanisms. A rotary mower is meant for fast task accomplishment whereas reel mower ensures precision in the turf length. 


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