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What silicone manufacturers are most concerned about is the issue of silicone parts. The faster the society develops, the higher the requirements for the silicone industry. With the improvement of preparation technology and subsequent product price molding technology, liquid silicone rubber will play a greater role in various fields closely related to human health.

Liquid silicone rubber is a new type of rubber developed on the basis of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (RTV). Its base material is liquid polysiloxane with reactive functional groups at both ends of the molecule, namely “telechelic” polymers. To clarify silicone rubber The physical and chemical properties of compounds, silicone manufacturers must be experienced and professional.

silicone manufacturers’ understanding of silicone properties

The raw material of silicone parts is high-performance special silicone rubber. Liquid silicone rubber has the characteristics of small molecular weight, low viscosity, convenient processing and molding, and can save the mixing, pre-forming, post-processing and other processes, easy to achieve automation, The products prepared from liquid silicone rubber have the characteristics of high purity, good transparency, low content of volatile substances, and good oil resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance, light resistance, insulation and heat insulation, and color. The choice is wide. Any silicone rubber that cannot meet this standard cannot enter the supply chain of qualified silicone manufacturers.

As for silicone parts in the medical industry, we have to mention silicone dental molds. Silicone rubber is one of the typical medical polymer materials, and its chemical properties, physical and mechanical properties, and biosafety have been verified in the medical and health field for 50 years. As a part of silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber (especially addition type liquid silicone rubber) also plays a role in the fields of medical and health care, human beauty, health care, and food.

Liquid silicone rubber can be used as a dental impression material in terms of medical treatment and equipment, using the characteristics of low linear shrinkage (0.3%), good elasticity, solidified block in the oral cavity, and small plastic deformation of liquid silicone rubber.

Deep material logic of silicone parts

Silicone parts have many fascinating properties, we need to analyze it from the perspective of materials science. Silicone rubber has the characteristics of no permeability to different gases, and it can be used to make artificial Gills and artificial lungs; liquid silicone rubber can be used as a repair material for the acoustic lens of the B-ultrasound probe, and the adhesive material between the acoustic lens layer and the matching layer.

We may need to seriously consider the significance and value of silicone manufacturers to the food industry. The application of liquid silicone rubber in food-related fields, addition. type liquid silicone rubber is safe and non-toxic, has excellent performance, excellent chemical inertness, high hygiene level, and does not contain harmful substances such as nitrosamines, making it the first choice for baby products.

Taking advantage of its good air permeability, it can also be made into a fresh-keeping modified atmosphere film for fruits and vegetables. In addition, liquid silicone rubber is also suitable for food-grade applications such as valves and seals for food containers and dispensing devices, baby bottle milk, butterfly valves for making food vending machines, baking pans, spatulas, silicone pads, etc. The powerful properties of silicone parts make them favored by countless engineers.

in conclusion

Because liquid silicone rubber has the typical characteristics of medical polymer materials, after more than 50 years of development, it has played a role that cannot be underestimated in many fields of medical and sanitary equipment related to human health. This is the responsibility of silicone manufacturers. With the improvement of preparation technology and subsequent product price molding technology, liquid silicone rubber will play a greater role in various fields closely related to human health.

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