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When we talk about biker fashion, images of leather jackets and cool silver rings pop into our minds. Despite having started over 100 years ago, the fashion trend came into the spotlight in the 1980s. It came as an emblem of an anti-government movement that lasted for the duration of the 80s. 

Classic biker pants are now trending, and we’ve recently seen celebrities, influencers, and renowned social figures rock in them. Despite being a thing of the past, the biker look can seriously elevate your style to another fashion level. 

The biker’s complete set, including a leather jacket, boots, and jeans, brings a different sense of fashion if you consider adding it to your wardrobe. Hopefully, you won’t take it to the level of putting on the biker helmet and other safety gear. 

How Do You Style a Biker Look? 

Riding a motorcycle is more than a mode of transport; it’s a lifestyle. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the biker’s look, leather jackets, vests, and caps are the most popular clothing type. 

The biker look is a great fashion choice for its versatility. Even better, you can style it differently to match your personality and fashion sense. 

Let’s take a look at how different celebrities styled their biker outfits. 

Jordan Smith 

Jorja Smith rocked a custom navy jacket with white piping at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. The singer matched his biker jacket perfectly with a pair of straight-leg trousers, bringing out a more appealing look. 

Jorja ignored the all-leather look contrary to many’s preferences, making it a statement look. Instead, he opted for white trainers and silver rings. 

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has rocked a fascinating biker look. Individuals who like a style rooted in nostalgia will find this more interesting. The entrepreneur opted for a red and white biker jacket coincidentally matching what Travis Scott (her boyfriend) had put on. 

The 24-year-old, approaching her 25th birthday, wore a frayed denim mini-skirt with a unique reconstructed design. She further nailed her style with wraparound shades, catching the attention of everyone around her. 

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber was not left out here. During one of her husband’s functions, she was spotted with a black biker jacket with red and white accents. She matched her biker jacket with white baggy drawstring cargo pants to compliment her fashion style. 

In addition, she had chunky sports trainers, which defined her fashion sense. Based on how these figures rocked with biker jackets, it’s clear there is an endless choice to the extent you can style your biker look. 

What Qualifies Biker Look as an Upcoming Trend? 

Being versatile and trendy, the biker look has excellent potential in fashion, especially for teenagers. Most teenagers look up to their favourite celebrities, influencers and singers. 

Lately, many fashion stars have recently appreciated the biker look. So, it’s expected that many teenagers from 18 years to 25 years, will start rocking these biker looks. 

Why is the Biker Look Appealing to Teenagers? 

Even before we start projecting how more youths will be rocking this biker look, the look is already a favourite to many teenagers. Teenagers, being fans of versatility and trendy styles, wouldn’t resist the charming nature of the biker look. 

They’re versatile and open-minded in their own ways, always finding a way to style their biker looks perfectly. Many match leather biker jackets with jeans, trainers, or shorts. 

Some female teenagers have been spotted matching their leather biker vest jackets with miniskirts, shorts, or trainers. From what has been seen, matching jeans and boots are a darling to biker teenagers. 

How Teenagers Are Styling the Bikers Look 

Let’s take a look at some ways teenagers are styling their bikers looks today


While most bikers prefer leather outfits, some appreciate jeans. A trendy pair of jeans look good when matched with a biker outfit. Those who love the Biker Look replicate the same when choosing their fashion styles. 

The added advantage of jeans is that they effortlessly match different outfits. A Denim pair of jeans is your go-for outfit if you want to star in a biker look, whether it’s summer or winter. 


Fashion experts agree that boots define an outfit; we couldn’t agree more for our biker look. To make your biker look more appealing, consider a biker boot. The good thing is that there are endless choices for biker boots, both for males and females. 

An ideal biker boot should have a heavy-duty upper material and a chunky/thick sole. It should also have laces, an inside zip, or an extra backless. You can go for ankle-height or mid-calf ones. 


You should consider a biker look if you haven’t tried it. While they aren’t primarily designed for durability and warmth, biker outfits are trendy and stylish. This look will glow your teenage life and be a fashion statement whenever you interact with your social group. 

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