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Filling Your Company’s Job Openings

Every CEO’s goal is for their business to survive and thrive for years on end. Every company is different, and they all have various reasons for their success. Some companies will say their customers are the main reason for their ability to thrive year over year, but truthfully, businesses thrive because of their employees. Therefore, making the hiring process crucial. That is why most companies look to Staffing and Temp Agencies to fill their job openings with the best employees.

A recent Forbes article said it best, “Every employee on your team has influence over some or all of your customer relationships. One disenchanted employee will crimp your ability to serve customers well, but lots of unhappy teammates will make it impossible for you to succeed.”

Each team member on your team plays a significantly crucial role in your company’s success. That is why the hiring process can be such a long and stressful one. Different jobs will have more intense hiring processes than others. If you choose to work for the government or as a college professor, you will likely see the hiring process lasts at least 50 days. However, if you are applying for a delivery driver or machine operator, more than likely, the hiring process will take less than ten days. Why is this?


Understanding Job Titles

Someone who is a delivery driver or machine operator more than likely will rarely ever come in contact with customers. If they do, there isn’t an expectation for them to be extremely professional and there isn’t an expectation for them to be highly experienced.

When you look at a professor or a government official, they are held to some of the highest standards. They are held to these standards because if they come in late every day, take multiple breaks, cancel meetings, and just aren’t good at their job, there will be a negative effect on their business. If they aren’t polite, this will affect the reputation of these organizations significantly. In the professor scenario, unhappy students will cause them to transfer, which can cost the university thousands of dollars in tuition payments.

According to the College Board, in 2019, tuition fees at state colleges were $10,230 on average for state residents and $26,290 for everyone else. However, private colleges can cost, on average, $35,830. Would you want to miss out on this chunk of change if you worked at a university?

Because the organization’s reputation and money are at stake, these jobs’ hiring processes are intense. If you are a part of these organizations or others and have trouble with the hiring process, I have a surprising secret for you to fill your company’s job openings. The answer is for you to look for external help.


Look Externally for Hiring Help

According to the Frontline Source Group, close to 90% of companies use some staffing service. Are you using a staffing agency?

Whether you use a staffing or temp agency, it is essential to understand their multiple benefits. However, the main advantage of them is time and resources. Here is a list of the services that a staffing or temp agency can offer.


Finding the right candidate without having to go through all the resumes

‍We all know time is money. Speeding up any process without the expense of quality is why thousands of companies use temp agencies. Some ways temp agencies speed up the hiring process without ruining quality are transparent job descriptions, quick applications, a talent pool, and much more. To check out all the proven ways to speed up the hiring process, visit City Personnel’s “5 Proven Ways to Speed up the Hiring Process” blog post.

Thousands of people apply for job openings each day. Unfortunately, over 50% of applicants for a typical job fail to meet the basic qualifications. That is one reason client companies pick job placement agencies because the search for qualified candidates is time-consuming.

Going through hundreds of candidates’ resumes to find a few qualified candidates can be a headache for employers. Sometimes it is more beneficial to hire a staffing or temp agency to do this work for you instead of taking time out of other essential tasks.

Temp agencies have the time and resources to find exactly the right candidates for the job. Temp agencies help you save time and money. Instead of you having to sift through unqualified applicants or struggle to upload oddly formatted resumes, wouldn’t you want to work on other critical business-making decisions? The nature of hiring agencies lets the clients accel in their expertise while the temp agency finds high-quality candidates to continually improve their business.

Staffing and Temp Agencies both have long term relationships with their candidates, making it easier for them to figure out which candidate would fit best with your company’s culture.


Immediate need for more employees

Many companies had to lay-off employees because they saw a decrease in business during the quarantine. However, some companies saw higher demand for their products and services.

Companies like CVS and Stop and Shop saw a significant increase in sales, requiring them to hire more employees quickly. That would be one reason for a company to work with a temporary staffing agency.

Usually, temp agencies have several qualified candidates in mind to send over to your company for consideration. This makes it easier to find qualified candidates fast.


Temp-to-hire, making sure you hire the right person

Lastly, another reason why companies would use a staffing firm would be to do a temp-to-hire.

Temp-to-hire (also known as temp-to-perm) means you hire an employee as temporary, but you would plan on hiring them permanently if there are no issues with the employee. These issues include showing up late to work, not having the right attitude, and not performing to the company’s standard. This is a little test trial to see how a candidate will hold up in the position.

Every company’s primary goal is to hire the best candidate. This is why this little test trial will make sure you find the right fit for your company’s culture.

Now that you know the secret to fill your company’s job openings, are you ready to work with a staffing or temp agency?

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