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Security Guard

 Security guards carry a lot of equipment, and any good security guard will have everything they need to safeguard both their own safety and that of the property they are assigned to. The top ten items of gear that the majority of security professionals will own are listed below.

1. Maglight flashing flashlight

One of the most essential items that a security guard may carry is a flashlight.

Even if you have a day job when a flashlight may not seem required, it’s still advisable to have one with you since you never want to enter a dark area without one, and some situations may call for more light to assist you see.

A flashlight can also be used to provide protection. Security guards frequently have long, powerful metal spotlights in their possession that might be used as a weapon.

Although there are training programs that you may join in that may teach you how to use a flashlight successfully in a combat situation, carrying a flashlight does not require any particular training.

Because of their strength, brightness, and solidity, Maglite flashlights are typically carried by security guards (and police officers, too!).

2. Baton of a security guard

Another crucial piece of gear that security guards use to protect themselves is a security guard baton. They are a weapon that, more crucially, can keep a property secure without even being utilized. Usually, all it takes to keep things under control is for you to carry one in your visible belt. People are aware that if you pulled out this weapon, it could surely cause some harm.

To lawfully carry a baton while on duty, you must, however, successfully complete a specific handling training course in most states. You might need to finish this training before being recruited by some employers.

3. Footwear Investing in a nice pair of security guard boots is crucial.

The majority of security guards I’ve spoken with agree that wearing comfortable footwear may be the difference between returning home with painful legs and a stiff back and returning home relaxed and pain-free.

A pair of sturdy boots will last a lifetime for security guards because they spend the most of their shifts walking about on patrol. A cheap pair will not only cause you harm but will also wear out quickly, requiring you to replace them at least twice a year.

Most outfits call for a pair of black boots, but before spending money on high-quality boots for your feet and yourself, verify with your company first.

4. Belt for Security Guard

Another crucial piece of gear for any professional security guard is the security guard belt. It greatly simplifies carrying all of the stuff listed above and more.

The last thing a security guard wants to do when they are in need is scramble to find their flashlight or pepper spray.

The extra parts that slide or snap onto belts often allow you to connect additional pieces of equipment to them.

Pepper Spray 5.

Pepper spray is one of the greatest ways to restrain an assailant or illegal person for a short period of time without really harming that person permanently, thus a security guard should think about getting some.

While it is legal for the general public to purchase pepper spray for protection (e.g., for hikers and students), police officers and security guards may need to complete pepper spray training in order to know how and when to use it while on the job. In order to use pepper spray, please confirm the regulations with your employer.

There are several varieties, but it’s been reported that the UDAP brand is the best you can find. Here are some UDAP brand pepper sprays for you to browse.

6. A mobile device

Cell guards should be carried by every security guard. Although a walkie-talkie or other radio-type device may be used for much of your communication as a security officer, having a mobile phone will allow you to immediately contact the appropriate authorities or the fire department as needed.

Put all of the most crucial phone numbers into your phone’s address book or, even better, speed dial before your first day of work so you can dial them very instantly.

7.a heated vest 

Many security guards are stationed in colder regions where it may be difficult for them to work comfortably. Even if you reside in a warmer region, you could need to work at night when it is quite chilly and the temperature might drop quickly.

Even on the coldest nights, a heated vest may take care of this for you and keep you cozy and awake.

8. Camera, digital

A digital camera, especially one with video capability, may be a security guard’s best friend. It can be a lot simpler for you to describe certain events and circumstances if you take photographs and videos of them, especially if you end up having to testify in court.

You can photograph practically everything you can think of that is relevant to your employment and the reports you write up, including real estate, people, cars, and crime scenes.

9. A handgun

A gun, like a baton, may be a terrific method to keep a space secure without ever having to use it, but obviously, if you want to carry a handgun with Surplus 30 carbine ammo while on duty, you’re going to require specific armed security guard training. Simply having it in your belt holster may maintain control over a situation.

Naturally, you’ll want to follow the law if you ever need to draw your gun and use it, which is why training is so rigorous, extensive, and crucial.

Additionally, carrying a handgun frequently results in a greater salary.

10. A little first-aid package

Security guards would benefit greatly from having a small first aid bag, both for their own needs and those of anyone who may be present at the place they are assigned to.

For instance, the last thing you want to do is waste time looking for a band-aid if you’re working in a retail setting and someone approaches you asking for one (which they will do because you are the most visible person who people can simply go up to for help). If you have a kit on hand, you may assist anyone who is in need and return as quickly as you can to your job and patrol.

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