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Entertainment Ideas

There are indeed a plethora of entertainment ideas you can bring to your next event, and it will certainly wow your guests and audience and make your event fun and memorable. But you have to think about your audience – will they appreciate it, and will they make the most of it? It has to be immersive and engaging; if there’s a novel element to it that will be better. But it doesn’t mean you can’t engage your attendees with something tried and tested, like a photo booth. So what is the best, then? Here are the top four list of entertainment ideas to bring your event to the next level. 

  • A photo booth

As mentioned, some ideas have already made their mark, and the good old photo booth is one of them. And who doesn’t like having their pictures taken, anyway – especially if it’s with other people as a fun group? Photo booths are a surefire way of delighting the crowd – and it’s an excellent way to commemorate and remember your event. You also have plenty of options when it comes to your photo booth – you can have the classic, but you can also have a slow-motion photo booth (yes, they exist!) and a 3D photo booth. 

  • Karaoke with a live band 

Of course, everyone has done their bit of singing in a karaoke bar before, but what makes this different is it’s with a live band! With this, your audience and participants can have fun and relax whilst singing along to their favourite tunes. Your attendees and audience can take turns being true rock stars for the other participants, and everybody does their own bit by dancing the night away! 

  • A contest 

A contest will go great – or better yet, why not have a series of matches and a showdown to see who’s best? You don’t have to think about what kind of contest to have – you can set up your own side stalls and booths to see who’s the greatest! For example, you can have a funfair stall for hire featuring a “test your strength or strongman game”, or why not have a showdown with a coconut shy stall and may the best man (or woman) win? The best part about these games and contests is that it’s all in good fun – and anyone can take home a prize or two. 

  • Holograms 

If you’d like something more ‘out there’ that also creates a good buzz around your event, you can do it with holograms. Imagine this – different holograms of people or celebrities at your next event. The technology used to create holograms is cumbersome and expensive, but if you can pull it off, it’s well worth the trouble. 

There are plenty of other ideas for entertainment nowadays, ranging from drone shows to entertainment ‘pockets’ placed around your event featuring pianists, a mime, a waiter doubling as a circus act, and so on. You can choose from all these, but remember to give your audience a novel – and at the same time, a classic – experience that they’ll never forget. Lastly, your entertainment should be tied to the kind of event you’re having – so make sure it’s a good fit for your event and, more importantly, your goals.

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