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The Truth About the Genetec Video Wall

Homeland security, airport security, cybersecurity, and commercial safety are all critical aspects of our daily life. Your operations staff can view the entire picture at a glance thanks to new and improved video wall technology. We specialize in providing high-quality video, data and information with genetec video wall so that your personnel may detect and respond to security breaches before they become dangerous and threats.

They are a cost-effective solution to show and monitor videos of huge numbers of people. Using HDMI, HDCP, or DVI, the video wall can output at 4k quality to an endless number of monitors. The displays also come with a variety of effects, management, and modification possibilities.

The huge video wall’s usual role in a security centre has evolved. It used to be the control centre for surveillance. It displayed all camera feeds, and control room personnel kept an eye on it during the day to keep a location secure. However, there are simply so many more uses of the genetec video wall.

A genetec video wall is more than just a showpiece for the company or a huge, flashy display. It’s high-tech technology that detects security vulnerabilities before they become a problem or a threat to the organization.

The following are some of the lesser-known advantages of utilizing and installing a Genetec video wall:

  1. The main objective of a video wall is to provide industry experts (technicians or control room viewers) with true situational awareness and a common network picture by displaying and sharing data from real-time sources such as computers, video, networked applications, CCTV or security cameras, and so on.
  2. Operators must be able to continually monitor various sorts of data and video footage. When the need arises, they also want the ability to scale this information or pictures seamlessly across huge regions, which is exactly what a genetec video wall can help you with, its high-quality image can help you view the footage seamlessly.
  3. High-resolution images are projected on the display wall for long periods of time and are monitored by operators to maintain system stability. The display wall serves as a visual reference for essential interactions with field operators as well as a means of monitoring activities.
  4. In emergencies, when communication must be optimized and choices must be taken without delay, Genetec video walls are the focal point. With a video wall each detail can be monitored easily and actions can be taken at a much faster pace and with more efficiency.

The Video Wall is designed with full Genetec Security Center compatibility and is completely compatible with all Security Center versions as well. It may be utilized with Genetec alone or in conjunction with WINK Forges or WINK Media Routers as well.

The genetic video wall has the ability to display upstream camera addresses, connection types, camera status, bit rates, and much more debug info, making debugging and analytics a breeze.

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