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Two T's You Should Incorporate In Your Sex Life

Do you know what makes your sex life more complete and fun? You might not know it but trust me when I tell you this, the lack of these elements in your personal life can cause you to be distanced from your partner. The two T’s in your sex life is very important. In fact, the T’s are interrelated as one depends on the other very much. The functionality of the one T solely depends on the machinations of the other one. Only by putting the two together, will you have a satisfactory sex life. In this article, we will discuss the two important aspects of your sex life.

  What Are The Two T’s Of Your Sex Life?

Quite a mystery around it, doesn’t it? The two T’s that dominates your sex life are ‘talking’ and ‘toys’. Toys in the sense of sex toys. Talking and toys go interrelated. Of course, you cannot understand the importance of both elements as correlated but trust me they are codependent.

  Why are these two T’s important for your sex life?

The two T’s, respectively, talking and toys, are the ingrained element to enhance the supremacy of pleasure in your sex life. Talking about your necessities so that you can incorporate your sex toys to fill that void is the most important thing. Let us link it for you thoroughly as well as stress why these two elements are important.

  • Talking about your necessities: The main objective of having intercourse with your partner is to increase intimacy. The familiarity is increased as days go by but the enhancement of it depends on the engagement of sex. There are two types of communication barriers related to sexual interaction.
    • The application of sexual necessity is very important in a relationship as every person has their own needs, kinks, and fetishes that they once wanted to fulfill.

In order to perform such complex and elaborate activities during intercourse, you need to talk about it with your partner. So that both of you can be on the same page.

However, the confinement that we have put around ourselves based on the societal dichotomy interrupts us from communicating.

It is sought as taboo or a shameful act. Sexual frustration could strain a relationship. That is why talking about it is a must.  

    • Another scenario depends on a lack of satisfaction. When the partner doesn’t feel content by the sexual activity, they tend to feel irritated towards each other.

Psychologically it would create discomfort. So talking about where one partner is lacking can really help mend the issues. There is a gap that has to be connected with information.

Telling your partner where the problem is might help resolve the issue. Because if you know the root cause of your problem, you will know what to apply to mend it. For example, sex toys, costumes, equipment, etc.

  • Toys to stimulate intercourse or sex toys: Sex toys can be utilized to rebuild your sexual passion. A lot of sexual tension could build-up due to anxiety and passion but the releasing of the passion results in a sense of enthrallment in the couples. One can use toys in two situations.
    • To make your sexual life more appealing and exciting, you can employ sex toys. Sex Toys are made to enhance the stimulation process so that it can emit hormones to elevate your feelings.

There are many sex toys available in the market targeted to each task. For example, a dildo is used for the enactment of penetration meanwhile vibrator is used to stimulate sensation in the body.

Utilize those toys depending on your requirements. Unisex toys are mostly preferred as it can be utilized on both partners.

    • If your relationship lacks spice, then employ sex toys. It will help you overcome the boringness of the bed.

If the issue with your partner is related to premature ejaculation or lack of orgasm, then using a dildo as well as a vibrator can help you and your partner stimulate the sensation in the body.

But before that, you have to talk it out. Each issue might need a distinct toy to resolve the problem. For example, if the problem is related to arousing sensation in the clitoral area, then you should use a clit vibrator to facilitate the emotion.

Clit is considered to be the most complex yet sensitive part of a female body. It emits sensation to our brain to help them be aroused. However, it has to be dealt with percussion. The vibrator can be used for this purpose.


Talking about what you need to fulfill your desires could help you achieve ultimate pleasure in bed. You can employ sex toys to increase contentment. That is why talking and sex toys go hand in hand. Without one, the other is incomplete. 

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