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Do you know whether your seeds are of good or bad quality for the production process? Quality always matters in every aspect, from seeds to get fine plants in the entire production process. If you want the best quality of canna seeds, you can visit some online sites to get seeds. 

The seeds’ quality is one of the important factors in the production process that you need after growing cannabis plants. The crucial two steps in the cannabis growth process start from when growers plant the seeds directly and others when the grower is planting clones of healthy plants. 

Here are some following by which you can check the quality of seeds on your own:


  •  Colour of the seeds

Color says a lot about the quality of the seeds, by which a grower, especially a new grower, can easily identify the quality of the cannabis seeds. Although all cannabis seeds are the same and identical by looks and color, determining the quality of the seeds becomes essential in the process of growing cannabis plants. Healthy and quality seeds are light in color, such as green and whitish, where poor quality seeds are a bit dark from other seeds. 


  • Appearances

Appearance is the fiesta factor that makes everything different from each other; it looks. Healthier and quality seeds look unique in overall appearances, making it easy for the grower to find the particular seeds. Goods seeds have tiger-like prints in the outer body, meaning that they have stripes by which a person can identify them. While in bad quality seeds, you see cracks in the outer body.


  • Way of floating 

It is an effective and easiest way to find the quality of the seeds. Looking at the way of floating cannabis seeds, you can find the health of seeds. To test this technique, fill a container with water and place the seeds in it, and leave it like that for an hour. After an hour seeds that are sunk in water are healthier and of good quality. And the other seeds that are floating on the surface of the water are of bad quality.


  • Size and shape

Another way to find the seeds’ quality is to arrange all the seeds in a row, larger seeds with symmetric shapes are of good quality, and tiny and asymmetric shapes are of bad quality.


  • Develop them 

The most evident and last aspect of finding the quality of the seeds is to germinate them anyway. If the seeds are not growing in the right way and with the right procedure, they are of bad quality and poor health. And if the seeds grow ideally in the right procedure of growing, they are good and healthy.



The important factor in growing cannabis plants is to get quality seeds for the growing process. Quality of seeds is important, which gives the better results of seeds. These are some factors and tricks by which a grower can easily identify the quality of seeds. To get quality canna seeds, you can check various online sites which provide verified seeds of the best quality.

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