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Luxury plus size lingerie is hard to find, especially if your bust is larger and you need style as well as support. PrimmaDonna Bras has been providing women of all sizes and shapes with undergarments that are comfortable and beautiful.

Prima Donna Lingerie And Its History

The Prima Donna lingerie brand can be traced back to 1865, the year that a small atelier was opened in Germany. This atelier provided lingerie of the highest quality to women of all sizes.

Slowly, the atelier gained recognition and popularity among its clients. It was now considered a specialist corsetry company by 1890. Prima Donna was the first place wealthy and well-off women went to for stylish, luxurious lingerie.

Prima Donna’s mission became more and more consistent as the years passed. Prima Donna was always there to help curvy women in the 1970s when everyone was obsessed with the “skinny”, even though the 70s were all about skinny looks.

Prima Donna lingerie designers also kept their designs updated and created new products to ensure better comfort for their customers. They also made it a point to follow the latest trends and offer new materials and cuts.

Prima Donna continues making improvements to its products every day and creating new ones for clients. Prima Donna can provide everything a woman requires, from supportive sports bras to comfortable briefs to lingerie sets made of couture lace or nursing bras.

How Prima Donna Bras Can Be Made?

PrimaDonna bras can be tailored to your curves. Prima Donna bras should feel custom-made to their owners.

In this way, designers and patternmakers work together to design the ultimate Primal Donna bra. Prima Donna bras excel in support and fit and are available in plus-sized bras. Our team is careful to measure and cut to the millimeter.

Once the pattern has been decided, Prima Donna material experts begin rigorous testing to assess the functionality, durability, and fit of every material that goes into the bra. They test fastenings. elastics. and even fabric and lace.

This process can take quite a while as each plus-size bra contains up to 50 pieces that must all be tested before they can be integrated into a Prima Donna Bra. Once everything is in order, it’s time to put them together into a bra. This assembly can take between 40-50 steps.

Prima Donna bras come with rubber underwire wraps. This increases comfort and prevents wires poking into the skin.

Two final inspections of Prima Donna bras are performed by hand. It is important to inspect the bras by hand because they are intimate garments and can only be inspected by a person.

As you can probably see, creating new PrimaDonna bra designs is not something to be taken lightly. The manufacturing process, from the original sketch to the final launch of the bra can take up to 18 months.

Customers should feel confident that the PrimaDonna bras fit perfectly to their bodies, and are comfortable when they wear them around.

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How They Fit?

Prima Donna lingerie can fit any shape. Prima Donna pieces feel just right for you, no matter how slim or tall you are.

This is due in large part to the way each bra has been made. Each measurement is accurately measured, so even a 1-millimeter error is not acceptable. PrimaDonna bras can be made in many different styles, and require extensive manual work to build. This makes them extremely comfortable, no matter which style you choose.

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