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Moroccan rugs have become the ‘it’ rugs to have in homes.  Handwoven by Berber tribes they add an ethnic beauty to contemporary spaces.  They have become an instant trend that most people are dying to purchase, right away. Europeans are deeply enthralled by the beauty of these rugs. Today, Moroccan Rugs in the UK have become one of the incessant needs of each homeowner.

So here is some basic information on Moroccan Rugs and their different types. 

Brief Understanding of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rugs are predominantly handmade from wool. There are a few different kinds of Moroccan rugs, namely – Kilim, Beni Ourain, and Boucherouite. Even back in the 1920s and 30s, architects such as Le Corbusier, Marcel Breuer and so on, began exploring the world of Moroccan rugs and started to add Berber rugs into their collections. They were attracted to the minimalist and abstract designs on these rugs and this discovery began the widespread appreciation we now see all over Europe and North America. Before you start searching for ‘Morrocan rugs for sale’, learn about the various types of Moroccan rugs available

Various Types of Moroccan Rugs

  • Moroccan Kilim Rug – Different tribes in Morocco use varying traditional ways to weave their kilim. Moroccan Kilim rugs use a range of natural dyes such as henna to create a mixture of different colours such as brown, magenta, pink, dark red, and purple. The look of Kilims range from region to region in design and colour. Some of these regions use brightly coloured weaves. They even vary in their styles, patterns and symbols. 
  • Boucherouite Rug – During the mid-20th century, a newer form of rug began to emerge as Berber women began to experiment using other materials than wool for their rugs. These handwoven rugs using torn garments or recycled pieces came to be known as ‘Boucherouite rugs’. The recycled pieces used could come from rag strips, leather, cotton, lurex, nylon, recycled yarns and even sacks used to package food and other items. They used vegetable dyes to give a subtle and soft colouring to the rugs. One of the best features of these rugs is that no piece had to have a definite shape and could be free forms or asymmetrical in shape. 
  • Azilal Rug – Azilal rugs, as the name suggests originated from the region of Azilal, located in the High Atlas Mountain region, south of Beni Ourain. These rugs were manufactured for domestic use by Berber women using 100% virgin wool. They are made with alternating repetitive patterns. They are storytelling pieces of rugs that depict rural life, motherhood and even childbirth. These rugs were most famous until the late 90s. 
  • Beni Ourain Rug – These are the rugs that come from the Beni Ourain tribe based in the Atlas Mountains, created to protect them from the harsh winters in those regions. They are traditionally made with neutral and black or brown geometric lines and shapes. These rugs were also used to cover the ground in tents, to cover chairs, or even used as bedding and blankets. Usually, they are large and very warm. 

These are the four types of Moroccan Rugs that you, as a buyer, should be aware of before purchasing Moroccan rugs in the UK. 

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