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It is a widely recognized fact that 2020 will be recognized as the year that has changed everything: our behaviour in our health, technology and the fragility of democracy; the economy of art, hospitality, sports, and travel.

Will it also be the year we change what we wear? How could I not be? As our perception changes, so do the clothing we wear to express that perception and the industry that enables us.

Some of the changes are obvious: the increase in leggings and nightwear; the mask as an accessory; electronic commerce as the most popular form of buying and selling; mastering the top of the Zoom. The department stores have collapsed, at least the department stores we know, as well as the red carpet.

But there were also more subtle transfers. If the style is a stock market, it is the ups and downs of fortune that register as the year progresses.

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If we didn’t spend this person desperately looking for comfort and security, would the Crocs come back in force? (The company said its revenue, compared to this time last year, was up more than 15%.)

Possible. Its status as an Official Quarantine Shoe is largely sealed by the fashion world, with a tendency to revive things that were once considered ugly or not cool. When Crocs started collaborating with celebrities like Post Malone and Bad Bunny, the brand hit the streets and sold after each new product came out.

But it would be a mistake to remove the perforated rubber ducky as a mere player in the ugly/comfortable shoe trend. Crocs works; there’s a reason they’re popular with people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Now, with its high-markup resale sites like Grailed or StockX, it can be easy to forget that Crocs isn’t just for Instagram. Health workers rely on shoes to outperform them day and night on the front lines.

Do you remember the cabinets? Since March, when the closures began in this country, few of us have had many occasions to visit the crowded and chaotic spaces that Marie Kondo considers energy tombs and merchants spend billions. billions that we are trying to fix. Why bother if you can pick up yesterday’s sweat from the floor?

“Everything that is so important has become insignificant,” said Sasha Charnin Morrison, the style director for CBS Watch. magazine. The 10 beloved variations of the little black dress? Forgot the “critical” pair of Miu Miu platforms in 6-inch heels? Door gates. Are Zara shmattes bought a lot because the cost is small? Put homework.

Before long, Morrison was determined to show the style that she went through throughout her life by developing that she strove to dress in the perfect look for walking the dog, for school visits or even crossing Broadway. A cup of coffee. Then the schools closed, the cafeteria closed, and she realized the dog had stricter concerns than her Norma Kamali sleeping bag.

“I don’t look in my closets anymore,” Morrison said last week. “I can really hear the clothes crying when I pass by.”

The category is Cool Grandpa Realness. Imagine you are running for president. If he is elected, he will be the oldest man to hold that position. Everybody knows today that politicians micromanage every aspect of their appearance. His challenge is to deliver vitality to the benefit of younger voters without straying from Metamucil’s rank. There is no element that is too trivial to consider. (See: Mom jeans, ’08 campaign.) His suits will be tight-fitting, unironed denim, understated blue ties, footwear limited to Oxfords, and the occasional driver’s shoe. For a cool accessory, he looks at the shadows.

It was in recent times (i.e. 2014) that Joe Biden first posted an Instagram showing his Ray-Ban aviators casually thrown onto a desk. Eternal politics has passed since Biden took the military eyeglass classics and succeeded, barely remembered by anyone Gen Douglas MacArthur, hippies, ’70s gay porn star Tom Cruise, and Tom Ford first got there.

Forbes Magazine

TikTok hit mainstream culture in 2020, launching Facebook as the most downloaded app of the year, as millions of content-hungry consumers caught up in the lockdown seek new ways to socialize and stay entertained. And since February, when Charli D’Amelio, one of TikTok’s main influencers, was sitting in the front row of the show on the Prada trail, the flirtation between the social media platform and haute couture has become even more so. impossible to ignore.

Enthusiastically building relationships with the next generation of expensive consumers, an army of big brands created accounts, including early adopters like Gucci, who embraced TikTok’s unique communication style. and then they came as Balenciaga, Dior, and Louis Vuitton.

In July, TikTok live-streamed the first fashion show, a distant social extravaganza of Balmain on a barge on the Seine, and in September the platform hosted #TikTok fashion month, where brands jostled. to display your latest collections alongside a product crash calendar, style tips, and after-parties.

Do you remember the days of the taffeta mermaid dress? The fairy princess tulle extravaganza? Do you remember, though, getting the attention of some latex that is hardly called clothing, but? Remember when party wear was a thing?

The pandemic has halted traditional red carpet events, revealed glitzy mega-weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday and anniversary celebrations, and proven dangerous for sleeper businesses. Celebrities have made their dark return to the status quo by changing their social flair to events like the American Music Awards (Hello, Jennifer Lopez in silver, Balmain showing her stomach), but it just doesn’t have the same filtering effect. -down.

Separation can make us all more aware of the importance of the ties that unite us, but it also makes us reject belts and any other garment that binds us physically. For those who are more often at home, who are often in a chair in front of a screen for hours, their workouts are restricted, comfortable clothing has become the fashion first resort, even after diving. in comfort food.

It may have started with leggings and sweatshirts, but the elastic waistband is now sewn into every part of the wardrobe. Umbrella skirts and pants? Suit pants? Is within. From hard to stretch – that’s an evolution for you.

Forbes Magazine

“The most popular menswear street in the world is dying,” declared a November article on Savile Row in The New York Times. Even before the pandemic, changing tastes and rising rents had long weighed on the 100-meter-long Mayfair neighbourhoods, which now have at least 10 empty storefronts. Kilgour, French and Stanbury closed in March, after Chester Amies and Hardy Amies in 2019.

With international accessories limited by travel restrictions (70% of Savile Row’s revenue tailored to foreign trunk shows) and low demand for electric lock suits, he found those who accessorized London with haircuts and one who has the question: COVID-19 broke the back of the personalized tradition? Some custom now offers digital consultants and attachments, but it remains to be seen if the exact cut uniforms of the Masters of the Universe (and the royal family) will rise again.

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