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The transformation of snow bikes has been made meaningful to allow any bike to turn into a snowmobile powered by electricity.

ENVO, a creative working organization designed to highlight responses to clean traffic and power travel frames, guarantees the primary “produced pedal-help electric snow bike” in its new electric snow bike kit. Even though ENVO does not indicate which edge or forking or dispersing the product is viable, the sizeable pack is intended to work with an extensive range of edge and fork mixes.


The ENVO snowbike conversion kit  offers the most safety and efficiency and an enjoyable ride in the snow. Keep doing your workout all winter long. Without an ecological impact or commotion, you have all.

Manufactured from various CNC aluminum machined components, the customizable set of snow paths makes it feasible to create a different electric snowmachine on a wide range of bike outlines. The elastic V-shaped handle track gives an exceptional footprint with almost no snow scenario, with an inclination of 20%. He has a thought-process, fast track with minimal opposition and energy misfortune that can generate up to 100 KGF (220 lbs.). It is generally light, protected and easy to deal with change or replacement, produced with elastic and Kevlar support.


Superb! In the smaller, fixed and maintenance-free production, an integrated centering point engine of 1200W and 120Nm of strength is provided by the BLDC. The engine works as an e-brake and slows down using the removal signal of the brake switch.

The EVO snow bike is equipped with a thumb shock, which provides the engine with an extra lift reasonably bent and took very little care not to pedal or push up speed.


For example, vehicle checks and vehicle status digitized presentations to meet external needs, LCD3 meter provides a range of capabilities.


A high-level Pedal Assist (PAS) flags the regulator and lifts the engine, depending on how helpful you are when riding from 0 to 5. Ah, Li-particle battery pack with Panasonic/LG cells with a working temp of – 20 Celsius provides an output power of up to 2000W and energy of 840Wh for 1-hour peak speed or 4 hours constant pedal assistance. Style 48V/17.5, Ah Li-particle battery pack. I simply substituted UHMWPE sprocket guarantees that the elastic track is moved over 100KGF by insignificant mixing and turbulence.


Bike industry-standard offers a reliable riding experience and secures organs that make it necessary to ride in wet conditions with existing bike transmission.


The snowboard attached to this snow bike conversion kit’s connectors ensures more excellent stability, smooth sliding on the snow and accurate rotations. It has excellent floatation on the side of the snow with the aid of the pitch level, and snowboard adaptability to the pitch stuns. Guide rollers made of super high atomic content polyethene, sturdy, lightweight, reliable and maintenance-free with the help of fixed, high-precision metal balls.

Note to Buyers Important

It is an early adopter shipment for DIY item starters. This concept has passed through all important designs, prototypes, restricted creation, testing, modifications and advertisement approval. Nonetheless, the genuine use of this item will result in numerous obscure disappointments because polyvalence in various territories involves the danger acknowledged by the customers. This means that the purchaser, the manufacturer and the customer can specifically dispose of and understand the subtleties and instructions of the item and all possible dangers to the use. Do-it-yourself set up on a wide range of motorcycles takes an imaginative and expert mind. The failure to create a sound body will cause real damage to the bike and even serious severe injuries. The purchaser anticipates the liability waiver obligation for the safe establishment and use of this object. Until asking, please do not hesitate for a second to reach us if you have any questions or need additional subtleties.

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