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The type or style of a video defines the process that the content is subjected to and not the message itself. It is important to spend some time thinking about what type of video and the character would best suit the message to be conveyed, the company’s brand and, above all, the objective pursued. You will require a free character creation software to bring your imagination into life and convey the message exactly that you want to reach your target audience.

The Character Generator

Once you are done with your powerful script writing, you need to define the character that will fit into your story. The Mango Animate Character Animation Maker is the best available software that can help you in designing your animated character. There is a vast library, available customization, pre-installed characters, various resources such as dress, accessories etc, to craft your character as per your need. The best part is you need not be an expert for this and you can create it within few seconds. You can review and export your character and use it in your animation video.


Animation videos are possibly the most complicated types of videos to make and at the same time the most versatile since they are the ideal vehicle to convey a message that stands out, explain complicated concepts or operations and explanations difficult to understand.

Visual aspect

The visual aspect that animated videos offer is another reason that makes them so valuable. A very high percentage of users who search for this content are learning or looking for specific information, and the animated format captures their attention more and leaves them viewing more time

We will briefly introduce the following 3 points based on the current animation industry and advertising information:

  • Two-dimensional animation production of commercials does not require celebrity endorsements, and will not reduce the effect of commercials because of the popularity of celebrities. Two-dimensional cartoon images can be used as endorsements, so that the audience can remember the advertising image and will not change with the growth of the age. Two-dimensional animation production of cartoon images is a long-term effective way for advertisers and can remain unchanged for a long time. For celebrity endorsements, the validity period of the contract ends, and the spokesperson may terminate the promotion of your commercial. Effective time is short.

  • Compared with the star actors, the cartoon images produced by two-dimensional animation are much more cost-effective. It is not a general price-performance ratio for advertising production costs. Generally, the cost of name endorsement advertising is better than the cost of shooting a video. The main advertising effect is based on the popularity and image of the spokesperson. When the face-sweeping celebrity is renewed quickly, the celebrity effect is not better than before. As for the cost of cartoon characters produced by two-dimensional animation, general animation companies design animated cartoon characters for customers free of charge. Unless copyright issues include creativity, they may charge two-dimensional animated characters, but only one or two thousand creative fees. Star appearance fees are not comparable.

  • Two-dimensional animation production of cartoon images can do exaggerated performances that the spokesperson cannot complete, so that the audience can remember these highlights and form the effectiveness of advertising. Many difficult actions are more dangerous to shoot in real life, and the actions of cartoon characters are all It is done by computer. Two-dimensional animation produces cartoon images and has a certain style, so that the style of this cartoon image can be used to express the needs of the product and shape the image. Can this celebrity endorsement be realized? For example, to promote a product, for example, Lingzhi Animation Company directly designed a anthropomorphic design of cartoon characters with product elements. The production of two-dimensional animation commercials requires more refined and exaggerated creativity and more magical and exciting effects.

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