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Human resources is a vast field offering countless opportunities, however, who is able to grab these opportunities and who is not entirely depends on the qualities and qualifications of that person.

Many people aspiring for a job in HR wonder whether certification will help them jumpstart or revive their career and is will they get a good return on the investment? The answer to these questions are definitely not straight as an arrow and the benefits of an HR certification is beyond just financial returns.

Most experts keep an opinion that investing in an HR certification is certainly worth it and there are several factors to support this notion.

The Advantage of an HR certification

Although, there is no such mandatory requirement for a professional to own a certification to enter the HR field and it is often described as optional in most job postings, however, there are many perks that are attached to earning these valuable pieces of validation.

As an HR professional, it is not only the human aspect of a company that you need to manage. By that I mean, in today’s business environment, you got to act as a strategic partner and a catalyst for organization’s growth which needs you to possess management, strategic along with organization development skills and certifications being offered in the market these days are designed to instill that in you.

Therefore, acquiring a certification is a huge sign for employers that you are trained in a multitude of facets that make a successful organization. Pursuing a program in HR sure does involve a significant amount of investment in terms of time and money, but the returns are good enough to help you contrive an unbelievably successful HR career.

Remuneration Differences

As per research conducted by, HR professionals holding a certification receive considerably more salaries than their counterparts who are unfortunately not certified. Going by facts and figures, certified employees make ninety-three percent higher pay than the non-certified ones.

Higher Chances for Promotions

The same research also says that certified HR professionals have steeper chances of getting promoted to better positions as compared to their non-certified peers. As a matter of fact, people who make the efforts to pursue an HR certification to build exquisite skillsets hold a higher level of respect in the eyes of the employers as a result of their devotion that they show towards their profession. Consequently, such individuals get a better and more lucrative start to their careers along with getting promoted in a much quicker manner.

HR certifications are favorable by both employees and employers in the world of human resources. For employers, certification exhibit an employees’ dedication to their profession, it adds credibility to the company, provides assurance of current as well as up-to-date knowledge.

For employees, the benefits of certification encircle becoming highly valuable to the organization, receiving an upper end when putting an application for new jobs, showcasing commitment together with a deep understanding of the profession.


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