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The big bash league is ranked among the popular leagues in the cricketing world. So as to enhance the entertainment aspect of the league a few rules have been introduced in the last few years. You can check BBL predictions to earn big money.

The power Surge

The power surge happens to be a two-over waiting period, where a couple of fielders are allowed the 15-yard waiting circle. Starting from the 11th over of the innings the batting side can call for this at any point in time. The restrictions in fielding replicate the using couple of overs during the powerplay that once again has been shortened to a couple of overs. This surge needs to be called by a batting side at the start of an over. So, it becomes necessary for a fielding side to change the bowler once the surge has been called.

The concept has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the batting team. On the other side, this turns out to be a nightmare for the bowling captain. An example of this was the first power surge was Stephen O ‘Keefe, who went for 19 runs in the first ever over bowled during the power surge. Though one of the other pointers of consideration is that it has gone on to help the bowlers take more wickets during this period.

The results have gone on to fluctuate, considering the power surge. Sixers went on to achieve the best score of 1 for 32 runs whereas Hurricanes returned with 3 for 13 runs being the worst. Some of the teams had gone on to record, stating that the couple of overs did have a major impact when it came to momentum in the game. It is a trend that is clearly visible.

At one point in time, the 5th along with the 6th overs were considered to be the most difficult ones to bowl, but one has to keep in mind that a lot of wickets did go on to fall in those couple of hours of the powerplay. Something has to be done with the bowlers who are likely to be bowling those overs. For sure it provides an opportunity for the captains to be thinking a lot and goes on to incorporate a new dimension to the game.

Most of the teams have gone on to pay attention to how the various teams have gone on to use this rule, so you are able to set it up on all counts.

The X factor

In the league, it is rated to be the 12th or the 13th player. Their role emerges to the core after the 10th over an innings. They can go on to replace a batsman who has not gone on to bat or any bowler who has just chipped in with a single over. The bowler can go on to bowl their full quota of 4 overs, this is even if the replaced player that they have replaced has bowled their four overs.

This had a major impact on the game, but it did not go on to influence the outcome of the result in a major way. A team can alter their batting strategy or bring a bowler into the side if they feel that things do not go according to their play.

The Bash concepts

This happens to be a concept where a bonus is applied before the start of the second innings. The team that is chasing is expected to win this point if, after the 10-over mark, they are above their opponents in terms of run rate. On the other hand, if the fielding side is about the mark, they will be receiving a bonus point. Even the teams after winning the game, would be awarded three points rather than comparing it with two.

The new rule had a major impact from the starting stage of the tournament. In a game, the sixers went on to claim this extra point but they did go on to lose the game. What it meant is that they got on board in BBL even without having won a single game in the BBL. A lot of the teams have gone on to lose wickets pretty early in the chase. The victory was out of sight, but still, their target was ten over the mark. But still, they failed to achieve the desired result after the ten-over mark too.

A couple of teams did go on to target the rule in a poor manner. The games were Thunder against the Heat and Hurricanes against the Strikers. They did not go on to achieve it, but the run rate momentum was high, which was of help during the course of their innings. At the end of the 9th over, the strikers were in trouble at 6 for 51, and at the 10th over needed 19 runs to claim this point. But they did manage to secure 17 runs of this over. This went on to include a six that was struck by Dan Worrall.

Yes, the Strikers fell short at the 10th over the stage, but Dan had other ideas. He went on to score a 62-run inning, which did go on to push the strikers close to the target but still, they fell short by a mere 12 runs. There was another game where the decision of Thunder to be targeting the Big boast after a difficult seven overs of their powerplay provided them with the much-needed impetus that turned out to be handy during the course of the run chase.

On the other hand, during the course of the games, the biggest margin of victory was reported in one of the games. Even the batting collapse did prevent them from achieving the bonus point that was necessary before the completion of the 10th over.

To conclude these were some of the popular rules that were introduced in the present season of BBL.

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