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Summer Season

Canada is known for its chilling winter season. But Canadian summer has its charm too. Though summer in Canada doesn’t last long, locals, as well as travellers from around the world, plan to make the most of the season and explore the best of places and experiences. The summer season in Canada starts from June and continues till September and this is when the weather is pleasant. Summer is an appropriate time to visit places like Victoria, Eastern Townships of Quebec, Georgian Bay, Halifax, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Montreal, and many more. 

Summer in Canada:

The summer months in Canada offer extremely pleasant weather. During this season the temperature goes from 20 to 27 degrees Celsius. Though humidity is at its peak, the summer months are very comfortable in most regions and offer perfect weather to travel. You can just rent a car and go camping across the country. West coast summers offer less humidity, moderate temperatures, and cooler evenings. While the northern regions have cooler summers but are comfortable and sunny. It is advised to carry light overalls and some rainwear. For delicious food and wine in summer you can head to regions like Niagara, Okanagan, and Prince Edward County. 

Here is a rundown of experiences you can try on your Canada tour package:

1. Fun water-sports activities: 

If you are a water child, summer season is perfect for you to encounter exciting water sports activities in Canada. You can opt for activities like white water rafting, canoeing, surfing, paddleboarding, and more. You will surely enjoy these experiences with stunning views and make lifetime memories. 

2. Explore the vineyards

This one’s for wine lovers! Don’t miss out on areas like Okanagan in British Columbia to the Niagara area in Nova Scotia. These Canadian regions produce their unique wine bouquets. So, relax and rejuvenate with a glass of wine to savour some taste of Canada. 

3. Explore natural hot springs

Holidays are to shed off the stress and tiring routines. In Canada, you can soak away your stress and troubles. You can enjoy natural hot springs in some of the popular spots. Explore the Liard River Hot Springs in British Columbia. You can camp here and experience hot outdoor bathing. Another option is Banff Upper Hot Spring, offering a huge pool-sized hot spring. Here you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of Mt. Rundle. Sounds exciting, right?

4. Go camping 

Canada is known for its dense protected areas, parks, and nature reserves. Outdoor camping is a must experience at least once. You can choose any national park and find a camping site. With plenty of ecosystems in Canada, you can experience the best of Mother Nature’s creations. 

5. Visit a national park 

If you wish to be close to nature, take a family trip to the stunning national parks like Banff or Jasper. This is a perfect opportunity to distance yourself from the hustle of city life. These national parks are filled with natural beauty and unique wildlife. 

6. Visit Whistler for Adventurous Summer Exploring

For adventure seekers in Canada during the summer, Whistler is a must-visit destination. Known for its winter sports, Whistler comes alive with exciting activities in the summer months. Whistler hostels are ideal for budget-conscious travelers and those who want a social experience. These hostels not only offer affordable accommodation but also organize group activities, making it easy to connect with fellow adventurers. Summer in Whistler means thrilling mountain biking, hiking, and exploring the vibrant village. Whether you’re craving adrenaline or a serene escape in nature, Whistler’s hostels and outdoor experiences have you covered for an unforgettable Canadian summer.

7. Go hiking

We all know Canada is swamped in natural vegetation and you will never get a chance to run out of places to explore. If you are fond of hiking then you must explore trails from Long Range Transverse in Newfoundland to the West Coast Trail in British Columbia. You can also consider hiking at one of the biggest recreational routes   in the world called the Great Trans Canada Trail. Trust me, options to explore will never end. 

8. Enjoy the Summer Music Festivals:

As summer in Canada is pleasant, numerous music festivals are organized during this season. Be it jazz music or country music, you will surely love this experience. If you like bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, you can visit Ottawa Blues fest. Also don’t miss out on the internationally acclaimed music festival called Osheaga music festival. It includes an audience of above 130,000 people. It will be an unforgettable experience.  

9. Explore the coastline of Canada:

When in Canada, coastal towns are a must-visit. The seaboard of Canada stretches over 2, 00,000 km. The lovely coastline is full of little towns. You must explore the UNESCO World Heritage site named Lunenberg in Nova Scotia. These coastal areas offer delicious seafood. You can also consider trying some fun activities like whale watching, water skiing and more. 

Enjoy these exciting things to do in Canada and create some unforgettable memories for yourself!

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