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Planning to visit Abu Dhabi? Well, words would fall short to describe the beauty it is- ranging from cosmopolitan culture, breathtaking geological features, art and heritage, city center classics, stunning beaches, lavish hotels, and whatnot. Just name it and you would find everything extraordinary in this capital city of UAE. Be assured of a rollercoaster journey of fun and frolic to adventurous getaways while exploring the city.

What is Abu Dhabi known for?

The capital city of Abu Dhabi is known for its iconic culture and natural exploration through the mangroves and dunes. There’s something for everybody – luxury lifestyle and artifacts, great dining, incredible shopping experiences, adventure, and inspiring cultural heritage sites to visit. However, we would like to give you an insight into what to expect when you get there : 

  • The city of manmade wonders :

In this beautiful city, get ready to witness the best manmade architecture that you would have ever seen. These redefine luxury and serve as cultural attractions to millions of tourists throughout the year. Some incredible names on the list are

  • Sheikh Zayed grand mosque
  • Etihad towers
  • Yas viceroy
  • Qasr al Hosn
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi
  • Ferrari branded theme park
  • Saadiyat cultural district
  • Al ain palace museum
  • Al Qattara arts center
  • Luxury shopping mall

and many more

  • Conservative yet cosmopolitan environment

Abu Dhabi is a typical Arabian country that follows Islamic culture and preserves certain decorums within the boundaries of the city in terms of apparels, PDA’s, or even consuming alcohol. It strictly monitors public activities and you might end up in trouble if you violate any of the laws. Although conservative, it would not wrong to mention that Abu Dhabi is one of the greatest multiracial communities with people from all over the world thriving in peace and harmony. It is one of the safest cities in the world to live in and has the lowest criminal records and violent activities ever recorded in history.

  • Extremely hot weather

The desert and the hot climate always go hand in hand. You would face some of the most extreme temperatures soaring over 50 degrees celsius in the summer months. Hence, you should plan your trip accordingly, during October- march when it is comparatively cooler. People prefer indoor activities during hot weather. Another striking feature of the city is that most of the city has centralized air conditioning installed to alleviate extreme heat. 

  • A foodie’s paradise

Experience the finest culinary dishes at the most exotic restaurants that not only appease your appetite but also the soul. You would experience exorbitant dishes that bring out both Arabian culture as well as the contemporary tastes from different parts of the world. Undoubtedly this might be the best binge-in session you would have ever done. Using Cobone coupon codes will help you avail excellent discounts on dining experiences across the city. 

  • All that glitters is gold!

Here, at Abu Dhabi, you get lots and lots of gold. Some ATMs dispense gold bars and coins. Yes, you read that right. That’s how you describe king size living with tons of gold available for trading at any time of the day. They have so much gold unlike anywhere that they are free to decide the trading price themselves. It is common to see interiors of cultural buildings or malls decorated with gold plates. The light in the box coupon codes can be used to avail amazing concessions on your purchase.

  • Extreme adventures

The city encompasses sprawling Mangrove national park on one side and the dunes on the other. These are a real haven for nature lovers and also a source of exciting adventure trips. You would feel the adrenaline rush while enjoying your time skiing, boat riding, safari rides, paragliding, etc besides enjoying the enchanting scenic beauty.

  • Respect  for religion 

The country follows the Islamic religion and culture strictly because of which you would witness a lot of their practices. People are supposed to dress decently before entering into the mosques. The call for prayer or ‘Adhaan’ can be frequently heard echoing through the city 5 times a day. The Emirattiis men themselves wear traditional white kandura whilst the women dorn the abayas in black. The people of Abu Dhabi are beautiful inside out and one would be awestruck by their hospitality. They practice their religion firmly but have great respect for other religions too.

  • Perfect romantic trip

Your trip to Abu Dhabi is the perfect romantic getaway with your partner. There are beautiful beaches, cornish, boat cruises, and many more to enjoy the cozy and lovely ambiance of the city. The candlelight dinners are a must-try with your loved one. Use the entertainer coupon codes to get exclusive discounts on your visit to these places.

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