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Layover at Narita airport is not boring at all because there are plenty of places to visit near the airport and much fun to do at the airport. Narita airport is one of the world’s biggest and busiest airports. Narita city, about 60 km from the capital of Japan, has some mind-blowing attractions. If you have a layover during connecting flights and want to make it enjoyable. This article will guide you on which places to visit and what to do.

What to do if layover is more than 7 hours

Shisui Premium Mall

This mall is only at 15 minutes highway bus ride from the airport. It was opened in 2013. It is a shopping paradise offering a variety of things like global clothing outlets, sports brands, watches, etc at affordable prices. The foreigners are given special discounts. You could have a shopping spree.   

Naritasan Omotesando’s souvernir shop “Sibaraku”

This Souvenir shop is within a 10 minutes walking distance from Narita station. You can find several items like daruma, Maneki Neko, and many other items which are relatable to Japanese culture.  Business hours are from 9 am to 6 pm.

Buying cleaning soap at sabon Sama

Sabon Sama is a popular store in Naritasan Omotesando often featured in the media. The sole store that sells purifying Sabon Sama. It is said that prayers from Buddhist teaching are included in it.

The “Nyoihouju” translated into English as the wish-fulfilling jewel, is a soap shape round pearl that grants the wish. The soap comes in many colors and scents. Foreign travelers buy it as a souvenir.

The store hours are 10 am to 5 pm.

Purchsing Japanese sneakers at Asbee Aeon Mall

ASBEE Narita on the second floor of Aeon Mall offers famous sneakers like NIKE, SKECHERS, PUMA, and casual footwear like Redwing and Timberland, etc. The kids display almost every kind of shoe from small kids to grown-ups. Made-in-Japan shoes are also the hallmark of ABSEE.

Visit on the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

The culture and spirituality of Japan are one of a kind. This Buddhist temple is close to the airport. If you want to explore it fully, it may take you 2-3 hours. The temple was built in the 10th Century. It gives you an insight into the history and religion of the Japanese.

Keisi line train from terminal-1 of the airport will take you to the main Narita railway station. Afterward, a 15 minutes stroll will find you in the temple.

The temple remains open all week from 6.00 am to 4.00 pm. You can also get a guide on the premises of the temple.

Tasting the loal eel rice

Kawatoyo, the famous hotel in the vicinity of the airport offers eel rice. The aroma of the dish will pull you towards itself as the cook roast rice on the grills with the staff serving the skewers. Do taste this sumptuous dish of Narita on a layover.

The restaurant is located between Narita station and Shinshoji Temple. Therefore both places can be visited in one go. The restaurant is within walking distance from Narita station and remains open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Things to do at the airport for less than 3 hours layover

Taste meal at the airport

More than 100 dishes are offered at the Three terminals of the airport. According to some food authorities, Narita offers the best food among the airports globally. The Japanese cuisines include sushi, ramen, etc. Besides, continental food is also available. The terminal 2 food outlets remain available round the clock.

Go shipping at the airport

Some fantastic shops which are more than 150, await the customer at the terminals. The shop ranges from bookstores, candy shops, and tech shops to boutiques. Don’t forget to stumble onto tea shops and fabric goods. Japanese herbal medicine and skin care lotions are also some of the favorites for foreigners.


Getting a refreshing shower

Long travels could give you a lousy feeling about yourself. The airport has rentable shower facilities with toilets, clean washroom toilets, shampoos, hairdryers, etc. The charge for half an hour is 1030 yen.

Make yourself comfortable at the lounge

If you are somebody who does not want the buzz but relax in a serene environment. The best place is to look for a lounge. The passengers are given access to the lounge no matter whether traveling business or economy class, given you pay the charges of the facility. Loung has food, drink, Wifi, magazines, news, etc.

There are some more things you can do and more places to go in Narita. Discover more in this article.











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