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If you’re in need of some new bits and pieces for your home, your wedding gift list is the perfect opportunity to kindly ask for them. Whether you set yourself up with a gift list service or you go for a more DIY approach, there are certain things that should be on there. Here’s our list of things you’ll definitely want to include.

For the dining room

Do you regularly host dinner parties with friends? Or perhaps you’d like to start hosting Christmas for the family in years to come? Getting married means the perfect excuse for a fancier, more “grown-up” dinner set. Back in the day, couples were gifted sets of “wedding china” that they’d only use on special occasions, but with many couples having much trendier plates and bowls for their everyday meals, a luxury dinner set and cutlery is a great alternative (and addition).

For the living room

That quirky piece of wall art you’ve always wanted? Pop that on the list too. Everyone loves a good print – whether it’s a map of where you first met or got engaged, or your favourite quote or saying – art is for life not just for Instagram.

For the kitchen

Is there any brand more classic than KitchenAid? Whether you’re a dab hand at creating soups and stews or you’re a pair of budding bakers, a new fancy appliance for the kitchen will never go amiss. With stand mixers, cooking machines, toasters, kettles and more available, this timeless and reliable brand is a must for your gift list!

For the date-night lovers

Weddings can be expensive, right?! So whether you’ve been budgeting and saving for a while, or have considered all the other financial options available when it comes to paying for your big day, why not ask for a date night that you can both enjoy a few weeks after? You may still be making monthly repayments post-wedding, so having the option to head out on a newlywed date-night might be just what you both need! Plus, if it’s been gifted, you’ll enjoy it even more!

For the wine/champagne lovers

There’s nothing quite like a new set of wine glasses or a pair of fancy champagne flutes to enjoy once the big day is over. Celebrate your new life as a married couple with a “grown-up” pair of glasses to toast all your future occasions and successes with. Whether they’re crystal cut or engraved, your gift list is a great chance to enjoy some quality glassware.

No matter what your list includes, make sure you add some of these must-haves as (hopefully) you won’t get another chance to ask!

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