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Things You Need To Consider When Planning For Your Retirement

Retirement is a time in your life when you want to get far away from the struggles of a hectic life and spend your sunset years in peace and calm. And, the right pension planning through an effective retirement plan is the way to make that happen. But what are the things that make a retirement plan genuinely useful? Read on to find the answer to that question and be better prepared with your pension planning.

The Need For Insurance After Your Retirement

If you have a continuing life insurance cover, it would be helpful to continue that life cover after your retirement. It will give a sense of security.

It is also essential to make sure that you have enough health insurance cover for your dependents after your retirement. In fact, it is also a good idea to get your property and assets insured for avoiding any horrible surprises in the future.

Figure Out Your Time Limit Until Retirement

Your present age and your likely retirement age helps in laying down the right retirement plan. The longer you have between now and your retirement, the greater is your risk appetite in terms of investments.

If you are thirty and retirement is still far away, you can begin with pension planning with the right insurance plans, along with undertaking other riskier investments like stocks.

Consider Your Spending Requirement In Future

Your expenses will certainly not remain the same by the time you retire. However, it would also be wrong to assume that your annual spending will be amounting to only seventy per cent of what you previously spent. It’s quite an unrealistic expectation to have, especially if there is a mortgage due to the house or when medical emergencies occur.

Furthermore, your pension planning might also involve fulfilling your bucket list of going on a cruise or travelling across Europe. To add to that, the cost of living goes up every year. So, there are lots of factors that can impact your future expenditure. Make sure that your retirement plan is good enough to cover your significant expenses after retirement.

Assess The Tax Benefits On Your Retirement Plan

Your retirement corpus needs to be beneficial in the post-tax situation and not only in the pre-tax situation. Moreover, if you frequently keep churning the retirement portfolio, even that will lead to profound tax implications.

Retirement plans get you tax benefits on your premium up to the limit of INR 1.5 lakh. To add to that, when the policy matures, even the payouts you get will be tax-free. So, to ensure proper pension planning, your retirement plan needs to consider the present tax laws.


Pension planning is not something that you can do overnight. So, consider all the factors mentioned above and take some time to consider what your retirement plan should look like. Smartly investing with patience is the key to ensuring that you build a decent corpus for your retirement. After all the hard work you did, you deserve to enjoy your retirement freely.

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