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There are a few ways to spot fake Adidas sneakers. The most obvious way is to look at the SKU code, which is a 10 character code used by Adidas to identify its products. You can also check for the barcode. In this way, you will be able to tell whether the sneakers are genuine or fake.

Distinguishing between real and fake Adidas

One of the key ways to distinguish between a real and fake Adidas sneaker is to check the packaging. The real ones will have a sturdy cardboard box and will display a serial number. Moreover, the authentic ones will be heavier. So, it’s important to check the package details, especially if you’re buying online.

A fake sneaker will usually have different materials, texture, and weight compared to a real Adidas shoe. Some fakes may look similar to other brands of sneakers, like Nike. Usually, fake Adidas sneakers are smaller and heavier than the real ones. You can also tell if they are fake by checking the tag. The letters on the tag should be spaced properly and there should be no misprints or misspelled letters.

Another key feature to look for when purchasing Adidas sneakers is the price. A real pair of Adidas sneakers will not cost less than $70-100. Usually, fake Adidas sneaker manufacturers will print the Adidas logo on them, but the print will fade and will not last long.

Signs of a fake Adidas sneaker

There are plenty of signs that an Adidas sneaker is fake. Many counterfeit sellers will use stickers or stitched logos to imitate the real thing. However, you can tell an authentic sneaker by its size, height, and materials. The following are the main ways to spot a fake Adidas sneaker.

A shoe’s heel tag should be different from the one on the actual shoe. Real Adidas shoes have different serial numbers than fakes. In addition, the logo on the sole is usually embossed. The tag should also have a serial number that matches the digits on the tongue label.

If the shoe’s tongue or side liner doesn’t match the tag on the box, it’s a fake. Fakes tend to cut corners on materials to save money or maximize profits. Another sign of a fake sneaker is a different color on the translucent soles. The color may even look yellow. The carbon fiber should also be the right color and design. Visit Bstsneakers to find quality types of Fake Adidas Sneakers in reasonable price.

Identifying a fake Adidas sneaker

One of the easiest ways to tell if a shoe is fake or authentic is by its stock keeping unit number. This unique number is usually found on a sticker on the box or inside the shoe. It can also be found on a tag on the shoe. If the shoe doesn’t have this number, it’s most likely a fake.

A real Adidas sneaker will feature the three stripes logo, as well as the words “Adidas” below it. It will also feature an i’s dot next to the middle stripe. Similarly, an authentic box will have an alphabet and number on the left side. However, if the label is missing or is on the right side, the sneaker is fake.

Checking the barcode

One of the easiest ways to spot fake Adidas sneakers is to check the barcode of the box. The inside label will contain information like the style number, year, and country of manufacture. It should also contain a small symbol and the 13-digit Unique Security Number. This code will be different on every single pair of shoes.

The box will also have the shoe’s size, style number, and serial number. Real Adidas sneakers will have different serial numbers from fakes.

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Authenticating a fake Adidas sneaker

One of the easiest ways to identify a fake Adidas sneaker is by looking at its serial number. Since counterfeiters often replicate original products with exact details, a serial number can help you to identify a fake. You can also look for other signs to distinguish an authentic sneaker from a fake, such as metal eyelets.

One of the most obvious signs of a fake Adidas sneakers for sale is the serial number, which should be different on both shoes. In fact, a genuine pair of Adidas shoes will have a different serial number on the left and right shoe. In contrast, a fake pair of shoes will have the same number on both shoes. You can also look at the tags to tell if they’re original or not. If you’re unsure, ask the seller for a photo of the sneaker. If they can’t provide a photo, then you can ask for a close-up of the tags.

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