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Thing You Need To Know About Homeopathic Treatments

When it comes to treatment types in India, there are several options, such as the allopathic medicines, generic medicines, Unani ones and the homeopathy. 

These days, a large number of people in India are using homeopathic medicines. It is because homeopathic medicines come with almost no side-effects and can cure even chronic diseases. 

Unlike allopathic medicines, homeopathic ones don’t affect other body parts and lead to issues in them while treating some. 

Dr Batra Clinic is one of the famous advanced homeopathy solutions in India. 

However, if you wish to start Dr Batra Clinic medicines or any other homeopathic medicines, you ought to consider a few factors. 

Read on to know about it and a single solution to help you afford homeopathic medicines without pinching your pockets!

Do’s of starting homeopathic medicines

  • Follow the 30 minute rule 

Generally, it is suggested that when you wish to take homeopathic medicines, you need to have food particles in your mouth completely rinsed. The primary reason behind such a suggestion is that medicines get absorbed from the mouth’s mucus membrane. Hence, when you have a coating of food particles in the mouth, it may prevent in the complete absorption of homeopathic medicines. It is also advised to keep away from eating anything at least 30 minutes before beginning to take homeopathic medicines. 

  • Consult your doctor before mixing it with any other medicines 

Many people may already be taking generic and allopathic medicines before beginning homeopathic medicines. What is generic medicine? Generic medicines work the same as allopathic medicines as their compositions are similar. Generic medicines are not marketed by brands, and hence; they are cost-effective. 

Thus, when you are taking a mix of medicines, it becomes a must to consult your doctor. Even though homeopathy is harmless; you should consult your doctor to avoid any possible side-effects later. If you are taking some Ayurvedic drugs, then you should not worry. It is because most of such medicines have the same roots like that of the homeopathic medicines. 

  • Always talk about your past and present conditions with your doctor 

Although homeopathic medicines are safe to consume, you should always get the best one concerning your past and present medical conditions. The Doctor will then be able to understand your conditions and recommend the best-suited drugs. 

  • Storage 

Homeopathic medicines are delicately mixed and may not perform best to their abilities if you don’t store them properly. Hence, it is suggested to store your homeopathic medicines in cool, dark and dry places. 

Don’ts of homeopathic medicines

  • Don’t touch the pills 

Touching the pills render them dysfunctional. You should consume them directly by opening your mouth. If you have some liquid medicines, then it will come with a dropper that you should use while taking. 

  • Keep off all addictions 

Be it Dr Batra Clinic medicines or any other; it may not work to their best of capacities. It is if you don’t abstain from using abusing substances like tobacco and alcohol. 

  • Never indulge in self-medication 

Homeopathic medicines could be safe and may pose no issues if you self medicate them for acute diseases. Nonetheless, if the purpose of using homeopathic medicines is for chronic diseases, then a qualified Doctor’s advice must be taken beforehand. Yes, doing that will keep you safe from all ill effects. 

  • Usage after the expiration date 

Homeopathic medicines are made up of natural elements and may be stored for use even past their expiration date – many people believe in this theory! But it is far from the truth – you should be careful and not use homeopathic medicines post their expirations. 

You are now aware of the do’s and don’ts of using homeopathic medicines. It will surely help you approach their use without issues. 

Manage the cost of homeopathic medicines on easy EMIs 

If you wish to buy Dr Batra Clinic homeopathic drugs without paying in one go and pinching your wallets, then there is a single solution. 

You can now divide the cost of the Dr Batra Clinic medicines and other medical costs like hospitalization, diagnostics, and hair care over tenure and pay in EMIs. 

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The limit may go up to 4X of the current limit on your EMI Network Card. 

You can walk into any of the 5,500 partners in 1000+ cities across India using the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Card and pay your medical bills on EMIs. This way, you can manage your other monthly expenses without cash crunches. 

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