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Ring as one of the important representatives of jewelry, in thousands of years of human civilization, has a very distinctive decorative role and extraordinary significance commemorative role. From a functional point of view, we can basically be divided into decorative rings, amulet rings, seal rings, love rings, and commemorative rings.

  1. Decorative Rings: The oldest rings are probably just for pure decoration. It ranges from the simplest motifs, like the early Latano (3rd century BC) silver rings, to a large number of gold filigree rings of the later Roman period and the delicately carved gold rings found in Suffolk. These have no special significance and are only for decorative purposes.
  2. Amulet Rings: This ring has a wealth of patterns, patterns, inscriptions and strange symbols. This kind of ring is often seen as a spiritual carrier of faith, as a means of communication with God, and as an emotional connection. Therefore, such rings are generally religious.
  3. Seal Ring: This ring is usually engraved with their own name, surname, or occupation content, and is a collection of identity and power of the confirmation and symbol. In Rome, people wearing seal rings are documented and well documented. The hoard of silver coins found in Wiltshire included three Romano-British silver rings, which research suggests date back to the Middle Ages.
  4. Love Rings: In the Middle Ages, rings were often exchanged between lovers. The inscriptions carved on the inside of the ring are very romantic sentences such as Vous avez moncoeur (You Have My Heart), Sans de partier (Never Part) or Ma vie de coentier (You Have My Heart For Life). As early as the Tudor Dynasty, the British people had a custom of using a common gold band as a wedding ring. This custom continues to the present day when each person proposes to his or her lover with a carefully chosen or carefully carved ring.
  5. Commemorative Rings: This ring is very widely used. The most common rings in our lives are commemorative rings, brand official rings award rings, and so on. We can also carve our favorite lyrics or movie lines on it. This type of ring is also used today to express the author’s creative intention.

How to make a ring by hand?

With the rapid development of science and technology, completely pure hand-carved has become less and less. In the United States, I have almost run out of artisans who only use hand engraving to make rings, instead of computer design and laser engraving. In Europe, such pure methods still exist, but they are becoming rare. Next, combined with our practical case, we will briefly explain the production process of the ring. Hope to bring some inspiration to your work design.

Simple Ring: First, the engraver passes the metal material through a rolling mill into thin strips, which are then wound into a ring with the help of a mandrel. You can choose the size directly on the mandrel and then make the loop. In order to maintain the unique natural color and texture of sterling silver material, the engraver often carries out simple engraving on the inner ring or the outer ring with a Pneumatic Engraver. The lettering is mostly in English, Chinese, numbers, Morse code, and simple geometric patterns. According to the wearer’s own needs, there are different specifications such as width, thickness, etc.


Special-shaped Ring: After the engraver has been filed, forged, or knocked numerous times, the surface of the ring forms a criss-cross, rough texture. You know what?! This can take on irregular shapes and is a very rhythmic beauty. It is simply one of the most popular and unique literary styles. Experienced sculptors will usually vulcanize the surface after completion. You can make a flat or three-dimensional pattern of the ring according to your preference. These works have different elements and styles. You can also design open and closed rings.

Which finger should I wear it on?

There are no hard and fast rules. If you are a fashion person, you can wear it on any finger. But traditionally, especially in tradition-conscious Britain, the seal ring representing one’s identity is usually worn on the tail finger as well as the ring finger. Winston Churchill wore it on his ring finger.

This is contrary to our common sense. Most people think wearing a ring on their little finger means they are single. But if you’re wearing a seal ring, it could be quite different. The surface of this ring is generally engraved with a pattern representing themselves or their family, which is only a status symbol unrelated to whether they are single. Some people also wear these two rings on their tail finger, symbolizing their identity as well as announcing their emotional status. If the two rings are made of the same material, they can be folded.

Are rings in fashion now?

In the modern age of technology, we rarely use rings to seal letters or important documents. However, the function of an identity or logo representing a family or an individual has always existed.

Nowadays, as society strives to promote individuality, many young people will get tattoos to express individuality, to commemorate it, or even to stimulate it. Of course, rings do the same thing. They can also be an important vehicle for expressing individuality. Compared to tattoos, rings have more meaning and are more understated and elegant. Do you remember? The ring worn by Villanelle in the US TV series Killing Eve has a message engraved on it: The important thing is not what they think of me, but what I think of them.

In countries where nobility still exists today, such as the United Kingdom, we can carve on the ring a symbol of our status. However, in most countries, I generally do not recommend carving family crest patterns similar to those of European nobility, which would be too complicated and impractical unless you are used to wearing such family crest in your own family.

I would recommend carving your full name or initials, which is more in line with modern simplicity. Of course, you can also carve the date of your wedding anniversary, a child’s birthday, or a loved one’s birthday.

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