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Delhi is a metropolitan city and one that sees an influx of people in search of jobs and education from different parts of the country. Since, it’s the capital city and not too far from Noida and Gurgaon, the two major hubs for jobs in Delhi NCR, no wonder it attracts jobseekers from states such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Bihar among other states.

Job vacancies in Delhi caters to various domains like Technology, Banking, Retail, Academic, IT, Petroleum, Tours and Travels, Hospitality, Textiles, Fashion Industry and many more. The concern, however, of any organization is that they need the right candidate for right job. The job market in Delhi is dependent on Political and Economical scenarios of India and Delhi being the capital city takes the major grind. In Today’s circumstances with the growing Industrial and startup culture the job market in Delhi is flooding with young population eager to contribute their best in the industry.

The IT job In Delhi is been a dream for many but as per the recent report by LiveMint, IT jobs now looks for adaptable candidates who look with  a deeper sight of learn and earn in terms of money and reputation. With growing IT culture in startups, the penetration on skills and KRA has become efficient and effective, as the employees get a direct training on the floor, changing the culture of classroom training programs. This has created better adaptability in employees.

Furthermore, the filling Job vacancies in Delhi is not the same as past with the changing decades the ideology and pedagogy of hiring has also transformed as per the recent report by Flipkart CXO Mekin Maheshwari propagates the thought of entrepreneurial power amongst school students creating a future ready force of intrapreneurs (People who work for an organization with entrepreneurial perspective) This brings into notice the companies who offer best job vacancies in Delhi NCR and have advanced hiring process indeed providing the candidates with the best jobs in Delhi.

These names are as follows:

  • Deloitte
  • E&Y
  • KPMG
  • PWC
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • P&G
  • Hindustan Uniliver

And there are many more…

Now, Let’s talk about what are the traits that will get you a job in Delhi:

Go-getter: Jobs in Delhi requires an achiever’s attitude. Employers in Delhi look at the confidence and domain knowledge of the candidate. Rest the judgment criterion also differs as per the job profile, for instance for corporate sales profile the candidate should have a right aptitude and people skills. This is the first parameter that interviewer considers.

Hard Working: Jobs in Delhi demands hard work, as the job culture is designed in a way that close hierarchy and immediate deadlines will keep you on your toes.

Creator and a Curator: Today Jobs in Delhi look for not only a creator but also for someone who can strategize, plan and take sole responsibility from ideation and execution working on multiple job roles.

These are the few attributes that Delhi demands if you are a job seeker.

Job vacancies in Delhi can be easily traced on various Job Portals and social media platforms as creating a connect today with recruiters is must before you get an interview call.

As Delhi has always demanded for more than people expect therefore for a few it becomes a survival ground. Finding a Job in Delhi can be an easy but depends on your personality characteristics as well, as if you are a marketing and sales person the basic need of interviewer is to see how street smart you are. If you belong to engineering your technical knowledge is your asset and if you belong to creative fields like fashion and media, then all you need is smart attitude and a trick to charm.

So, this is the scenario of Jobs in Delhi and if you are the job seeker who looks at job vacancies and apply better read the job description well as it can help you to make a better interview presentation.

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