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TikTok has become a pioneer for interior design trends, especially during the lockdown when everyone was on the platform, looking to make their homes more comfortable and redesign and remodel them now that they were stuck in it. #DIYhacks and #budgetremodel became famous through social media, but especially on TikTok. And now, two years later, the platform has become a source of fame as well as inspiration in the world of interior design. It’s setting up trends and influencing millions of people. Here are some of the TikTok interior design styles that are going to become famous in the interior world this year!  


Curves are going big this season when it comes to interior design trends. Up until recently, clean lines and sharp structures were considered the trend- minimalism, clear balanced spaces, and sharp lines. However, with people now spending time in their homes, this is changing. With the demand for more comfortable and soft spaces that feel good to live in, curves are coming in from architecture to furniture.  

Architecturally, the curved arches and windows have made round designs that are often shaped around these two features, especially for those designing their homes in the country. Arched architecture is gaining popularity because it creates a connection to the soft, rounded features found in nature. And after being stuck at home for so long, it’s no wonder a connection with nature is something everyone wants. When it comes to décor, rounded off furniture pieces are seeing a rise in demand- from rounded-edged tables to curved sofas that lack clear or straight lines.  


The need for a connection with nature has paved the way for the use of plants in the interior design trends. People have started having more of a green thumb, thanks to the lockdown that was the source of a lot of people discovering their hobbies. This has led to the increase in the use of plants in interior décor- and for all the right reasons. Plants are known to make the mood better, decrease negative emotions and make the air fresher- all of which is extremely essential, especially right now. This means that plants will be a main feature in the interior design styles this year. This can already be seen with the subgenres that have appeared under this category- cottage core being the biggest one.  

Inspired by life in a cottage, surrounded by nature and calm, this style has gained fame on all major social media platforms. The style boasts the use of biophilic design combined with vintage pieces- urging people to recycle furnishings and upcycle old pieces.  

Organic Modern 

Organic modern is a work that has started gaining popularity recently- and for all the right reasons. Organic modern refers to an interior design style where natural and ethically sourced material is used to create rooms that give off a modern interior design vibe (design inspired by the art deco movement). This kind of style layers natural elements and centres around creating a balance in the room. This interior design is especially known for its use of big windows, clean rooms, and high movement space throughout the room. One of the key features of this style is the wall-mounted televisions as they increase the movable space of the area. To get your TV wall mounted by professionals, you can click here. Another feature of these designs is the constant use of the natural theme- from materials to colour palette, this design is inspired by nature and organic matter.  

Closed floor plans 

Open floor plans were all the hype a while ago- they provided artistic freedom and an outlook to be creative. However, the pandemic has made the importance of dedicated rooms very clear. With everyone working at home or attending school from home, it turns out, the kitchen can not be an office as well. It cannot even be close to the kitchen and the constant noises that usually go on there! There has been an increase in the need for dedicated spaces for dedicated tasks. Closed floor plans have started becoming increasingly popular with each room having no more than two functions.  

Closed floor plans offer privacy in every room and allow for people to use the rooms for their dedicated purposes rather than different people doing different things in one open space.  

Natural colours 

Natural colours are being used increasingly in colour pallets this year around. There has been a rise in the use of green, brown, and yellow. There has also been a rise in the use of natural materials in décor- terracotta pots, ethically sourced Himalayan salt décor and other organic materials are going to see an increase in demand.  

Apart from the colours and the décor, nature-inspired themes that include upcycling, sustainability as well as the waste generated by the interior industry will be highly discussed with more people turning to reusing and recycling rather than buying new.  

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