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Linksys RE6500 extender is used to expand the WiFi range of your home network. This smart WiFi range extender is used by millions of users around the globe. The device allows its users to enjoy lag-free internet on their client devices from anywhere in their house without signal drop. But changing the default Linksys extender login credentials are also one of the most important things to consider to secure it from online threats. Changing the default admin details helps in reducing the risk of hacking and improving WiFi speed. So, below mentioned are some easy-to-execute steps that will help you change the default login credentials on Linksys extender in minutes. Let’s take the plunge!

Steps to Change Linksys RE6500 Login Password

For Linksys extender setup, a login screen appears while entering web address. By entering the default RE6500 login credentials, you can redirect to the dashboard of your Linksys extender. However, it is advisable to change the default admin details in order to keep intruders away from your home WiFi network. Here’s the process to change the default admin details of your Linksys WiFi range extender.


Before executing the process, make sure you have properly connected your Linksys device to your router’s WiFi network. Besides, ensure to have an up-to-date internet browser on your PC or laptop.

Let’s have the glance at the steps given below to change the default Linksys extender login credentials.

Step 1: Plug in your Linksys RE6500 extender into a working wall outlet.

Step 2: Connect your Linksys extender to the router using an Ethernet cable. You can also connect your RE6500 to your main router wirelessly.

Step 3: Open a PC or laptop. Connect the device to your home WiFi network.

Step 4: Load up an internet browser.

Step 5: Head over to the address bar of the internet browser.

Step 6: Type or the default Linksys extender IP address in the URL bar. Do not use the browser’s search bar for entering the web address or default IP.

Step 7: Press Enter. You will be taken to Linksys extender login screen.

Step 8: Use the default Linksys extender password and click on Log In.

Step 9: You will now be redirected to the web-based setup page of your Linksys extender.

Step 10: Navigate to Settings section, locate the Management option under the Administration tab.

Step 11: Once you are in there, enter the new password for your Linksys extender. It is suggested to create a unique, strong, and hard-to-detect password.

Step 12: Confirm the new password by re-entering it again. Once done, click on Save to apply the changes.

Step 13: Exit from the internet browser and access the Linksys RE6500 setup page using the newly created extender password.

That’s all! In this way, you can change the default admin credentials of your Linksys extender. So, the next time when you need to access the settings of your RE6500 device, make use of the personalized admin details.


The above-mentioned steps aren’t use for changing the default Linksys router login credentials. So, if you want to change the default admin password of your Linksys router, seek help from technical experts.

Wrapping Up

Our guide on how to change the default Linksys extender login credentials end here. We advise you change the Linksys extender password every month to keep your device at minimal risk. Just in case, even after following the steps highlighted above, you fail to change the login password of your Linksys extender, feel free to reach us for immediate help via comments

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