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Australia Tips for Choosing Accommodations While Travel in Australia 

If you are at all interested in visiting the “Land Down Under” for business or leisure, you will need a base of operations for your endeavours. Whether your interests run toward the economical or the rich, the lavish or the frugal, there is a very good chance that at least one sort of accommodation is suited to your needs and wants. The rest of this article is an overview of the different types of accommodations Australia has to offer and some tips for engaging with each of them.


Yes, you heard that right. Some people, whether they are just big kids or have a true love of the great outdoors, can sign up for a treehouse accommodation in Australia. In short, these are cabins that have been built by incorporating a massive natural tree into their foundation.

If this option is even remotely appealing to you, bear in mind a few things.

  • Book it early. These sorts of places are incredibly popular so it is best to book your stay as soon as you can find an opening.
  • Check the season. While year-round availability exists for some treehouses, a fair amount are seasonal, only operational during spring and summer.
  • Pack light. Booking a treehouse is like roughing it and roughing anything calls for outdoor gear like bug spray, hiking boots, water, toiletries, access to electrical power, a light source for each party member, raincoat, flip flops to be worn while bathing or relaxing in the water, and analogue entertainment like cards or board games.


Arguably the most budget-minded form of cohabitation. A hostel is a communal living space with little privacy or separation between guests. Be mindful that because of their price, they are also quite popular with students and you have little say in what sort of people you may be rooming with. These are a great option for visitors with an interest in meeting many people or who want to focus their spending on other aspects of their trip to Australia.

Hotels and Luxury Hotels

Australia has many 3- to 5-star hotels for people who might desire more “mainstream” accommodations.

Universal Advice

Of course, some features ought to be double-checked, regardless of the sort of place you book one or more nights with.

  • Book for weekdays. Because everyone wants to vacation on the weekend, prices and occupancy rise on Saturday and Sunday. Arrive around Tuesday or Wednesday and you may be able to afford staying more days than if you had just focused on the weekend.
  • Confirm the amenities. If you need Wi-Fi, make sure you will have it. The same goes for electricity, hot water access, on-site cooking facilities, and HVAC.
  • Know where the place is. Some venues can be sequestered within a major city while others are far from civilization. Be sure to look at a few maps to confirm your venue will be where you would want it to be.

Final Thoughts 

Travelling in Australia is a lifetime experience. One of the things that make your holidays go smoothly is finding accommodation that suits your travel lifestyle. From cheap hostels to luxury hotels, make sure that you book and plan accordingly. Happy travel!

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