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When you have a guest or two coming to stay you want to make sure they’re comfortable. This is especially important if they are staying for a least one night. Creating a guest bedroom can seem like a daunting affair. However, with a few tips you can create a bedroom that they love. Here’s how:

Make The Room Inviting

If you staying in another person’s home it’s likely you’d want the room to be inviting. Your guest is likely to think the same. So, do what you can to make sure the guest room looks good. 

Give the room a fresh coat of paint and put up some blinds and/or curtains. Clean the carpet and any rugs so they look and smell clean. 

You may also want to add a few lamps here and there so there are no dark corners. 

When the room is inviting every guest is likely to enjoy staying there. 

Ensure The Bed Is Comfortable 

No matter how long your guest likes to sleep they need to be comfortable. Make sure the mattress is comfortable and visit an online Sealy mattress retailer if it isn’t. You should also make sure that the bed is stable and is easy to get into. 

Add a duvet that’s suitable for the current season and a few blankets, if need be. If the weather is warm, add a fan or two so your guest can use it. 

You may also want to make sure that the window in the room can be opened. Doing so means your guest can get some fresh air, should they wish to. 

Let Your Guest Have Privacy

Some people tend to be very private and would be happy if they could lock the bedroom door. It’s worth giving your guests this option. They may not choose to lock their door but it can be nice if they’re a private person.

Install a lock that’s easy to use. If you don’t want to install a lock, hang a sign on the door. A ‘Do not disturb’ sign could be sufficient for your guests. 

Keep The Bathroom Clean 

Whether your guest has the luxury of using an en suite bathroom or a communal one, keep it clean. No guest will want to use a dirty or untidy bathroom.

Give your guests their own towels to use. You may also want to give them some soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. Chances are they may have brought their own with them. However, if they haven’t, they’ll appreciate having access to some.

Clean the bathroom before your guest arrives and once they leave. If your guest is staying more than a week offer to clean the en suite bathroom while they’re staying. 

Creating a guest bedroom can be a lot of fun. You can make the bedroom as welcoming as you like. Just make sure it’s warm enough in the cold months and cool enough in the warm months. When you make the bedroom welcoming, your guests are more likely to have a great time.

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