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good renovation

It doesn’t matter if you repair yourself or with the help of invited specialists. These rules will come in handy in any case, forcing you to gather your strength and save a little.

Despite the flaring crisis, building materials in stores are scattering better than hotcakes. Renovation is not the worst investment. Also, an optimized space makes it possible to optimize your life better than many life hacks.

How to make renovation a pleasure and not be disappointed with the result?


  • Fully thought out idea


Any renovation starts with an idea. It is necessary to clearly understand the goals and purpose of the premises long before the start of work. It may be too late to implement any successful solution during work since behind many seemingly simple things lies a rather complex implementation.


  • Selection of color solutions


When choosing a color, you need to consider the lighting conditions. When purchasing paint, wallpaper, or other coatings, ask for a sample so that you can carefully examine it in a different light. You should try diffused electric light from a conventional incandescent lamp, LED backlighting, halogen, or modern economical lamp options. Do not forget about the sunlight.

This approach will allow, on occasion, to supplement the lighting in the room or improve it by replacing it with more modern sources. Otherwise, there is a risk that certain sources (different light or different colors) may not be suitable.


  • Choice of materials


It is necessary to accurately understand in advance what materials will be on each of the surfaces. Even wallpaper and plaster need reinforcing elements at the corners, which can be made of both plastic and metal (or polymer film). For floor and wall coverings, surface preparation is essential.

It should be understood that each of the coatings has a certain thickness and some options, for example, tiles, significantly reduce the usable space due to the need for a flat work surface. In the case of a laminate, if it is not supposed to install massive furniture (for example, in a nursery), you can either use a traditional self-leveling screed or simplify the preparation process using a combined lathing or sheets of gypsum fiberboard.


  • Detailed design project


It is advisable to go to the designer before starting the repair or draw a future room in a 3D package. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary purchases that will not fit the new interior or use elements of existing furniture.

Also, the development of a detailed three-dimensional layout will simplify the task of laying communications. If you have a clear idea of ​​where what equipment and furniture will stand, you can save a lot on cable channels, plinths with hidden channels, a variety of sockets, and so on. Going even further, the surface treatment behind furniture can only be cosmetic, and this is already a serious saving.


  • Calling specialists for consultation


Even if it seems that the measurements were made correctly, it is worthwhile to decide in advance with the master to perform certain works and ask him to re-measure. A detailed measurement by a professional will most likely give you slightly different numbers and allow you to adjust your plans in advance (which is extremely important).

For example, floor tiles are the most durable material of all floor coverings or Locksmith aberdeen. However, it beats perfectly and in living quarters (and kitchens) requires insulation in the form of carpets (or even internal electric heating).

Besides, an accurate measurement made by the master will help to adjust the plans for materials: the master will advise the optimal size of the floor and wall coverings, tiles, and other things. Also if you are looking for the roofers aberdeen  we are providing  for the same.

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