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Jewelry can be very close to you as it holds many memories and stories. Of all the jewelry pieces, your engagement ring might be your most important possession. Engagement rings might be a relatively inexpensive item in your Jewelry box, but you must buy insurance for your engagement ring. Before seeing some tips for keeping your engagement ring safe and insured, let’s see the insurance of an engagement ring.

What is Insurance for Engagement Rings?

A policy that takes care of the safety of your engagement ring, whether it gets lost, stolen, or damaged, is the insurance of the engagement ring.

How to Get Your Engagement Ring Insured?

There are many ways you can use to purchase engagement ring insurance. One general way is to make an extension to the insurance policy of your homeowner. Moreover, you can also visit insurance companies that specifically offer jewelry insurance. Such policies provide more benefits than homeowner insurance would provide.

How Much is the Fee for Getting an Engagement Ring Insured?

Ring insurance is affordable as compared to other insurance. In short, you only have to give 50 dollars annually for an engagement ring that costs around $5,000.

What Does Ring Insurance Cover?

If you purchase insurance for your engagement ring, the insurance company will agree to cover your loss during the loss of the ring, damage, or theft. You need to check which policy you have signed up for. Sometimes, the policy includes repairing or replacing the ring with a new one.

Some insurance companies are accommodating in directly contacting your jeweler and using the same quality and techniques to make a similar ring you lost or damaged.

Questions to Determine When to Consider Getting Your Engagement Ring Insured

Ask these questions with your insurance agent to determine whether you should get engagement ring insurance.

  •       Can you bear the loss if your ring gets lost? 
  •       Will the damage to your engagement ring come as a financial burden to you?
  •       Are you someone who frequently loses jewelry during traveling?
  •       Are you someone who stresses out a lot, and purchasing insurance will set your mind at peace?

If the answer to most questions is positive, you must get your engagement ring insured.

Should You Get Insurance for an Engagement Ring?

Going for insurance is a wise decision. However, it is a personal preference that varies depending on your engagement ring’s importance.

Which Engagement Ring Policy Do You Need to Go for?

You must ask these questions to your insurance agent before finalizing a policy.

  •       What will the policy cover?
  •       What will the insurance not cover?
  •       How to file a claim?
  •       What is the claim procedure in case the engagement ring gets stolen, lost, or damaged?
  •       What will be the quality of repair if the gemstone gets lost?
  •       Does the insurance policy give full replacement?

Tips for Keeping Your Engagement Ring Safe

Now that you have information about keeping your engagement ring insured, let’s see some tips for keeping your engagement ring safe.

Be Safe When Traveling

Trust your gut when you don’t feel right traveling with your expensive ring on. Especially on honeymoon or tourist locations, there are chances of getting expensive jewelry stolen. You should know in what places you can wear your engagement ring. For example, wear your ring freely in a secure gathering. However, avoid wearing your engagement ring in unsafe locations. Many prefer wearing fake engagement rings during travel as it takes a lot of stress off the mind.

Don’t Go in the Pool Wearing Your Engagement Ring

Never make the mistake of descending into the swimming pool with your ring. Don’t even swim at the beach with your ring on. Your ring can easily fall off as the cold water will shrink your fingers. Secondly, the chlorine in swimming pools can damage your ring as chlorine damages metals like gold, white gold, silver, platinum, and other metals an engagement ring is made up of.

Keep Your Ring in a Safe, and Don’t Remove it Voluntarily

It is never safe to leave your engagement ring unattended. At home or a hotel, lock the ring in a safe.

Moreover, never remove your ring voluntarily at the airport or in the washrooms. You might lose your ring when washing your face, or someone else might pick it up and steal it without knowing. Don’t just remove your ring. Even if the security asks you to remove your ring, wear it back as soon as the security check is done.


An engagement ring may not be the most expensive piece in your jewelry box, but it can be precious to your heart. It would be a pain to lose your engagement ring; hence, it is wise to take all precautions to keep it safe. Get the ring insured and follow the above tips to secure your engagement ring better.


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