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Diesel generators play a crucial role in many establishments, such as hospitals, schools, government buildings, constructions sites, etc, as they provide a backup source of power in case there is no electricity. But maintaining the dieses is key to making it work efficiently. Not only does proper maintenance prolong the life of the generator, but it can also save money on repairs. You can get your diesel generator from Bellwood Rewinds.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the essential tips for diesel generator maintenance. Keep on reading to explore them.


  • Keep your diesel generator always clean


The first step is to ensure that your diesel generator is always clean. Remove the dust, oil, and sediment to avoid blocking heat dissipation, which can make the electrical generator overheat. 


  • Routine general inspection


During the running of the diesel, the fuel system, exhaust system, and engine require close monitoring for any leaks that can cause hazardous situations. As with any kind of internal combustion engine, proper maintenance is crucial. Diesel generators are no exception. 


  • Invest in a cover or an enclosure


Water or rainfall can significantly damage your diesel generator and cost you money to repair it. Depending on whether your generator is a portable or standby model, you should invest in either an enclosure or a cover to protect your generator from water damage. Another incredible idea would be to build a generator house for a portable generator to protect it from weather elements.


  • Inspect the batteries


When generators are left dormant for quite some time, the batteries can fail when starting the generator. In addition to that, connections, chargers, and cables start to deteriorate, which can prevent the required electrical current from passing to the battery. This is why you should carry out a visual inspection to check for any leaks, build-ups, and damage to avoid any kind of failure.


  • Fuel system


Diesel is typically susceptible to corrosion and contamination over time. This is why regular generator set exercise is recommended in order to utilize stored fuel before it degrades. The fuel filters need to be drained regularly as a result of the water vapor that accumulates and condenses in the fuel tank. 

Regular testing and fuel polishing is required if the fuel hasn’t been used and replaced in a period of three to six months. Preventive maintenance should include inspection that entails checking the oil level, coolant level, starting system, and fuel system. 


  • Be keen on the sound the generator produces


Another thing, when booting up your diesel generator, you need to pay attention to the running sound of the generator. If it produces an abnormal noise, you should stop and check it. A well-functioning generator should produce a stable sound even if there is a slight wind. If it makes some abnormal sound, that could be an indication that all isn’t well.

Final thoughts

There you have it, some of the top tips to help you maintain your diesel generator. Follow these tips, and you will see how your generator will serve you for a very long time, and you won’t have to waste money on constant repairs.

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