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According to, Instagram currently has 1 billion users, as reported in the month of June 2018. If a person includes all the appropriate hashtags for his post, he is going to see a much better as well as higher engagement. Hashtags are the unique combinations of numbers, letters, emoji, and more, which are not only responsible for categorizing content, but also makes it easier to get discovered. Before inserting the hashtags, it is crucial that you are aware of all the tips and tricks of using hashtags effectively.

Given below is a list of the tricks that you need to keep in mind when you are using hashtags.

Do not use irrelevant hashtags

One of the worst activities that most of the Instagrammers do is that they stuff irrelevant hashtags in their posts. This is something extremely annoying for those people who are following these hashtags and chances are that they will inform Instagram so that it does not show any post that is related to that particular hashtag. It is your duty to make use of the hashtags in a strategic manner, which will help in increasing the engagement, especially if the audience gets the things that they are looking for. Your content should be of proper quality along with proper hashtags so that it can arouse the interest of the other Instagrammers.

Using the proper amount of hashtags

It has been proved that the posts that have a maximum of nine hashtags are responsible for receiving more engagement in comparison to the other posts. However, this obviously does not mean that you are going to tag all your posts with numerous hashtags. You should keep in mind that they are relevant to your content. Making use of popular hashtags like “follow me” or “follow me back” can definitely get you new followers but these followers are not going to be of the right kind. You will only get people who are looking forward to inflating the follower count. These people are not going to engage with the brand in any manner. The contents of the post should be capable of informing how many hashtags you are using.

Using specific hashtags

When you make use of specific hashtags, you will be able to target your audience easily. Targeted audiences often mean that the engagement will be of better quality. For instance, if you are looking forward to targeting the Volkswagen lovers, you can use the hashtag #vwvan to get more audience. However, it is your duty to ensure that the picture that you have posted is of the Volkswagen van.

Do not avoid the popular hashtags completely

You should not completely avoid the popular hashtags but you should keep in mind that they are relevant to your post and you should use them sparingly. Hashtags help in expanding the reach that you have, without making you spammy or desperate. You should make use of the popular hashtags in a responsible manner.

Making sure that your hashtag means what you are thinking that it means

You obviously do not have any wish to attach your business to a nefarious or a raunchy campaign. When you are combining a lot of words together, find out if it is selling something else. Before you use any hashtag, it is crucial that you go through the entire hashtag list for ensuring that the content that is associated with the particular hashtags are appropriate. If you do not do this, chances are that your posts will be associated with unwanted campaigns and it can also ruin the reputation of your brand to a great extent.

The saving hashtag for the future use

If you are making use of a similar hashtag for each and every post, you have the option of saving them so that you can save a lot of time . You should make use of this particular trick sparingly. Keep in mind that all the hashtags that you are using should be a proper fit for your content and ensure that it is not extremely repetitive.

Hiding hashtags

You should not clutter the content at all. It is your duty to keep your reader engaged with the caption instead of making them concentrate on the hashtags. Instead of mentioning your hashtags within the caption, make use of the comment option for inserting the relevant keywords.

Adding hashtags to posts that have been already published

Most of the users are also interested in adding hashtags to their posts after they have uploaded it. This is also a great idea for driving engagement to your post long after it has been uploaded. For doing this, you have to locate the three dots that are located towards the right corner of the screen. You have to select edit for adding hashtags to your caption. You also have the option of adding hashtags by tapping on the speech bubble that is located under the photo and type your hashtags as comments. To know more, you can go through the Gramblast blog.

Considering using the brand hashtags

Each and every brand hashtag is unique and associated to a respective campaign or an organization. This can be the business name, the business tagline, or the name of any particular product. This helps in increasing the brand awareness and also allows you to target your customers in an easy and effective manner. Brand hashtags also help in increasing the engagement for each and every post of a particular brand. This is one of the best strategies for making your potential customers recognize your brand. If your company is running a particular Instagram campaign, having the brand hashtag is going to drive participation.

Ensure that the brand hashtags are short

When your brand hashtags are long, your potential customers will find it difficult to remember it and they will often prefer not to search for you by using these long hashtags. You should use only short brand hashtags that can be remembered easily. Read more: then here are the ingenious ways that Apple has come up with to work.


Hashtags are extremely important for driving engagement for your Instagram account. However, if you are not using them properly, they are not going to help you in any manner.In addition, you have to be consistent in introducing new sign-ups, likes, followers to make your account bigger. The reason is simple- you need to maximize the reach what you post. While there are quite a few ways you can make it count. You can do it organically which might require a lot of time. However, professional touch-ups are always there to get free likes for Instagram to grow your account.So, follow the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can be successful in driving engagement with

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