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There’s a lot of money invested in corporate events each year in Australia. It’s why it’s such a big industry. Events with 100 or more participants can cost $18,000-20,000 and that’s just an average. Those wanting to go for the higher end will obviously spend a lot more. Regardless of budget, the most important thing is that your event goes off without a hitch and that the attendees both enjoy it and find some utility in it.


How can you better ensure a more successful corporate event? Here are some tips to help:


Tip 1: Begin with Strong Stage Design

Corporate stage design is a realm best left to professionals because the stage is your central focal point for the entire event. It has to look perfect, and be well designed to provide visibility, good pa and lighting hire and sound, and to ensure everyone attending either in-person or online gets the most visually impacting and pleasing experience.


If you get the stage design right, you create that atmosphere and make that critical first impression in a way that will have your guests on the edge of their seats waiting for more.


Tip 2: Get Good Catering

Another key investment to make on a corporate event is catering. This is especially important if the goal of the event is to promote better working relationships between team members, or promoting a stronger and more supportive company culture. Nothing goes against the tide of positivity like mediocre food and drink. It may cost more, but just as armies used to march on their stomachs, attendees at corporate events gain a strong impression of a company or organisation based on what they’re served.


A good idea is to hire some different local vendors to first give people choices, but also to demonstrate your support for local businesses. You can show off the diversity of the local cuisine while you’re at it.


Tip 3: Have a Clear Message, Theme, and Aim

Events that can’t define themselves will quickly become the object of ridicule by those in attendance or those who see it promoted. You need a clear and unambiguous message that sums up the theme and aim of your event. What do you want people to know, have, or be able to do after attending your event that they didn’t beforehand. If you can answer this question you will create an event that is more valuable and meaningful in the eyes of people attending it.


Tip 4: Incorporate Activities and Entertainment

Another must for any corporate event is a fun element that can come in the form of activities and/or entertainment. You could do something like hiring a band or other musical act, but why stop there? You should explore your local area to see what kind of fun and special entertainment exists — you’ll likely surprise yourself. You might find a street dance troupe, a percussion band, a comedy performance or improv team, to name just a few.


For activities, you should try to combine things that are relevant to your theme and aims, but also bring a unique and perhaps unexpected element of fun. If your aim is to teach something important to your attendees, a fun and engaging activity can be the best way to do it, if it’s done well.


Tip 5: Use a Good Venue Multiple Times

Finally, if you want to be sure of getting a good deal, you should find a suitable venue for your events and stick with it. The temptation for some is to switch between different venues for variety’s sake, but it just makes organising the event each year more and more challenging. For a simpler organisation, a good price and a guarantee that fundamental things will be done right, try to find a versatile venue that you can use over and over in different ways for different events.

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