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Moving house is always a stressful process for kids. From having to say goodbye to their friends and teachers to acclimatizing to an entirely new environment, children don’t often look forward to moving. In times like these, it is essential to make sure that you don’t forget the emotional needs of your children. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your kids for a move.


Include your children while making plans for the move: Make sure that your children are included in the planning process. This will give them a sense of control and help ease any anxiety they may be feeling about leaving familiar surroundings behind for unfamiliar ones.


Plan well ahead: It is essential to plan well ahead, so you have ample time to get everything done without panicking or rushing around at the last moment! Start by setting up an appointment with a moving company. They can provide valuable advice on how to pack things safely and efficiently.


Pack early: Make it as easy as possible on yourself, especially if you’re moving interstate, by starting to pack several weeks before packing day arrives. Set aside specific times when you don’t allow other activities – kids’ playtime, for example – into your schedule and pack as much as possible.


Make it a game: Kids love to feel useful, so help them create their packing system by letting them use bins or boxes that they pick out themselves. You could even set up an organization system with labels! Once everything is packed into the right containers, your children will be eager to put all of those items back where they belong in your new home. In addition, kids are more likely to remember where things go if they’ve organized it themselves.


Help make friends: It’s completely understandable if you want some time for yourself after moving day, but try not to take too long before getting involved at school again. Your child may need reassurance about their place in class and playing with new friends.


Make it easier on yourself: To make moving day as easy and painless for you, your family, and your children, consider hiring a professional mover. This will take the stress of packing everything into containers to be moved by professional movers who know what they are doing!


Let the children in on the decoration: Show your children what you have in mind for their new rooms and choose paint colors together. Whether it’s a mural or just a coat of paint, there are plenty of ways to keep them excited about designing their own space!


Involve the kids: The more involved they feel with the process from start to finish, the better prepared they will be when moving day arrives. In addition, including children as much as possible during this time – even if that means letting them help pack up some boxes – can strengthen family bonds and make everyone feel happy about all of the changes taking place around them.


Encourage your children to exchange their new addresses with their friends: This will help them get excited about exchanging cards, letters, and other items during the holiday season. If there are any toys that your children feel particularly attached to, consider taking photos of them. This way, they won’t have difficulties adjusting once those beloved playthings go into storage.


Be patient: Letting kids take their time saying goodbye is one thing, but giving in to every little tantrum may prolong this process longer than you’re willing or able to wait. Keep an eye on how long these goodbyes need – whether it’s five minutes or twenty-five! Remember that moving can be very stressful for everyone involved, and it’s okay if some feelings come out along the way. Try not to let things escalate out of hand and always remain calm!


Talk to your children about any new situations they might face after moving: For example, moving schools can be a big transition for kids, and it’s okay if they feel anxious about the change. Be sure to listen and acknowledge their feelings.


Avoid packing in junk: Kids are often attached to many things. While it’s okay to let them take some of their favorite toys or items, try not to pack in more than you can handle. It will all likely go into storage, so there is no need for the extra weight.


Make sure your children know how long they are allowed on electronics: Kids may get upset if they have less screen time at a new house where the rules might be different! Be clear with your children about how much TV and other devices they can watch before bedtime – this way, everyone has an easier time transitioning between homes.


Don’t forget old friends: Remind kids that even though moving houses means saying goodbye, it doesn’t mean saying goodbye forever! You never know what could happen depending on location, age, friendships, etc.


Encourage your children to write letters: Get them excited about sending cards and notes to friends, family members, and anyone else they might feel nostalgic for. This is an excellent way of making new memories as well as keeping the good ones alive!


Make sure you take care of yourself too: While this process can be overwhelming or stressful at times – especially when moving with kids ! – it’s vital that everyone remains healthy. Make time for meals, physical activity, relaxation, etc. You’ll all have an easier time staying positive if you look after yourselves first.




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