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When making a fashion statement, a well-chosen shirt can be the cornerstone of a great outfit. One style that has gained popularity in recent years is the mens cutaway collar shirt. This distinctive collar style, characterized by its broad and pointed spread, exudes confidence and sophistication. You’ll need to pair your cutaway collar shirt with the right accessories to elevate your style. In this blog post, we’ll explore valuable tips to help you do that.

Choose the Right Tie

Choosing the right tie to complement your cutaway collar shirt is crucial to creating a stylish and balanced look. The cutaway collar’s distinctive wide and pointed spread allows the tie to shine. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect tie:

Opt for a Slim Tie

A cutaway shirt’s wide collar points work well with a slim tie. The slimness of the tie creates a harmonious contrast, emphasizing the collar’s bold shape. This pairing exudes a modern and sophisticated vibe, making it suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions.

Color Coordination 

When selecting a tie, pay close attention to color coordination. You can choose a tie that either complements or contrasts with your shirt. Here are some guidelines:

Complementary Colors: Select a tie color that complements the shirt. For example, consider a navy or royal blue tie if your men’s cutaway collar shirt is light blue. This creates a harmonious and cohesive appearance.

Contrasting Colors: Opt for a tie color contrasting the shirt for a bold statement. A classic example would be pairing a white cutaway collar shirt with a deep burgundy or emerald green tie.

Texture Matters

Consider the texture of the tie, especially if you’re aiming for a smart-casual or relaxed look. Knitted or textured ties can add depth and interest to your outfit, making them a great choice when wearing your cutaway collar shirt with a blazer and chinos.

Tie Length and Knot 

Ensure your tie is appropriate, with the tip just above your belt line. Additionally, choose a tie knot that suits your collar style. A standard four-in-hand knot is versatile and works well with the widespread of a cutaway collar.

Tie Accessories

Remember to accessorize your tie appropriately. A tie bar or tie pin can add a touch of sophistication while keeping your tie neatly in place.

Pocket Squares for a Pop of Color

A well-chosen pocket square can transform your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. The cutaway collar shirt makes your chest area visible more, making it a perfect canvas to display a vibrant pocket square. When selecting a pocket square:

Color Coordination

Ensure the pocket square’s color complements your shirt and tie. It can match or contrast with the other elements, but ensure it enhances the overall look.

Folding Techniques

Experiment with different folding techniques to create interesting shapes and textures. The classic square fold and the puff fold are great starting points.

Suit Up or Go Smart Casual

Depending on the occasion, the mens cutaway collar shirt can be dressed up or down. Here’s how to adapt your accessory choices:

Formal Look

Pair your cutaway collar shirt with a well-tailored suit for a polished and formal appearance. Opt for classic cufflinks and a tie bar to complete the look.

Smart Casual Look

For a more relaxed setting, team your cutaway collar shirt with a blazer and chinos. You can experiment with colorful socks or a leather bracelet to inject personality into your outfit.

Don’t Forget the Cufflinks

Cufflinks can add sophistication and charm to any outfit. With the cutaway collar shirt, your cuffs will be more visible, so choose cufflinks that match your overall style:

Classic Cufflinks

A pair of classic silver or gold cufflinks is an excellent choice for formal occasions.

Novelty Cufflinks

For a touch of fun and individuality, consider novelty cufflinks that reflect your interests or hobbies.

Mind Your Belt and Shoes

When styling your outfit with a cutaway collar shirt, paying attention to your choice of belt and shoes is essential, as they play a significant role in completing your overall look. These accessories should complement your shirt and the rest of your attire while also aligning with the formality of the occasion. Here are some tips on how to mind your belt and shoes effectively:

Match the Leather Color

  • Matching Basics: The general rule of thumb is to match your belt’s color with your shoes’ color. Opt for a black leather belt if you’re wearing black leather shoes. Similarly, brown shoes should be paired with a brown belt.
  • Shade Matching: Remember that shades of brown leather can vary. For example, a medium brown belt may not be an exact match for light tan shoes. In such cases, it’s best to aim for a close or complementary shade.

Consider the Level of Formality

  • Formal Occasions: For formal events or when you’ve chosen to wear a suit with your cutaway collar shirt, ensure that your belt and shoes are polished and refined. Opt for classic leather belts and well-polished leather dress shoes.
  • Smart Casual Looks: When going for a more relaxed “smart casual” appearance with your cutaway collar shirt and blazer or sport coat, you can be more flexible with your footwear and belts. Loafers, suede shoes, or even clean white sneakers can work. However, they should still be in good condition and appropriately styled for the occasion.

Match the Belt Buckle Style

Pay attention to the style of the belt buckle. A simple, elegant buckle with a clean design suits formal occasions. In contrast, a more decorative or unique buckle can add character to a smart casual look.

Coordinate with Accessories

If you’re wearing accessories like cufflinks, a tie clip, or a watch, try to coordinate the metal accents of your belt buckle and these accessories. For instance, a silver buckle can tie the look together if your cufflinks are silver.

Final Thoughts

Pairing your mens cutaway collar shirt with the right accessories can elevate your style. Whether you’re going for a formal look or a smart casual ensemble, the key is to strike a balance and ensure each accessory complements the others. 

Following these tips, you’ll master the art of accessorizing your cutaway collar shirt and make a lasting impression wherever you go. So, go ahead and confidently embrace this stylish collar and show off your unique fashion sense.

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