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Picking out the right jewellery for your wedding can be equally as stressful as picking out a wedding outfit. The right jewellery can accentuate your entire look as well as picking out the wrong bridal jewellery can ruin your entire look. As the wedding season approaches, you must make the right choices when it comes to accessories. For a casual look you can buy gold name necklace, but bridal look needs more than that. Here’s a cheat sheet for every bride-to-be to keep in mind before going wedding shopping.

Don’t be too extra

As much as we believe in breaking the “rules”, we are also a believer of minimalism and keeping it simple when it comes to accessories. Gone are the days when Asian women used to layer piles of necklaces. Today we want the bride to be in the spotlight, not her jewellery. Going overboard with the jewellery can take the focus off the dress and the bride. Just a simple choker, some earrings and hair accessories can do the trick for you.

Match your set with your dress

Your jewellery and your dress mustn’t contradict one another. For example, if you’re picking out jewellery for your walima reception and your outfit is grey, beige or in ashier tones, you would want to ditch the gold jewellery and opt for diamond or silver metals. Similarly on Barat if you’re going for a classic red look, go for a Kundan set with red or contrasting beads or you can also go for a gold set that matches the embroidery.

Go for Something Borrowed

If you’re all into old school charm and show your love to your mom on your wedding day, go for her traditional classic jewellery sets. As the handcrafted chand balis, jhomkays and bangles never go out of style but make sure to make the modern customization and also don’t forget to get the set polished as nothing can break your look like a rusty looking gold set.

Stay in your Comfort Zone

As much as we love an experimental bridal look, it is important to make sure you feel comfortable on your big day. You don’t want to be thinking that you don’t look good or you made a wrong decision. Whatever fits your style or whatever feels like you go for it. Just because something looks good in pictures or on some celebratory doesn’t mean you should go for the same look.

Pay homage to our classical artisanship

You can never go wrong with a classic Kundan, Polki and gem embellished jhoomar, necklace, jhomkay and matha pati. Our attention to intricate details and our handcrafted pieces have no match in the world and if you’re a traditional bride these metals will make you look like a vision.

Don’t forget to check out our collection of Bridal Jewellery on LAAM. We have a wide range of traditional, modern and classical jewellery for your every wedding event. So sit back and relax and shop you wedding jewellery online with LAAM.

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