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If you’re a Sound Therapist and planning to conduct Sound Baths(one to one or group), here are few points to consider before, while & after playing your instruments.

Connection with yourself:- If you’re a Sound Therapist, your master must have spoken about stillness within you. It is the stillness within which a Sound Therapist is engulfed and it is from this space that the sounds are played. It is the stillness within you that projects the whole Sound Bath.

Connection with your instruments:- It is very important to connect with each & every instrument you’ll be using. Your connection is what matters. It is said that it is not you who is playing but it is an instrument that is making you play.

Setting up of the instruments:- I set up my instruments by myself. I love doing that. This is the most favorite thing about conducting a Sound Bath. When you set up your instruments as per your wish, you’re creating a mandala and you’re pouring your energies within this whole space.

Setting up of the space for the participants:- I believe in NO SOUND zone before people arrive. I believe in the silence of the room play an important role here. The silence is a reminder for the people to remain silent throughout not just physically but within as well. It also gives an opportunity to look within and become more aware.

Aroma & Candles:- light aromas & candles to change the aura of room are always a great idea. However, it is also suggested to use aromas way before the Sound Bath to avoid any kind of congestion for the participants.

Water:- Serve water before & after the session. Sipping water helps sounds flow within. Any heaviness in the head can be taken care of by sipping water.

Right mattresses & Blankets:- provide proper comfort to the participants. If they remain physically uncomfortable, they will neither enjoy the session nor relax themselves.

A big No-No to electronic devices inside the space:- taking pictures & selfies inside the space to post them on social media is what people are addicted to. Tell them you’ll give them all the pictures that can be posted on their social media walls so that they’re not distracted from the real purpose behind attending the Sound Bath.

Participants position:- the depth of sounds being played can be felt when participants lie down. Sitting for longer duration can be tiring.

What truly heals in a Sound Bath:- Healing happens in Silence. It is crucially important to play sounds gently. Loud, harsh strokes on your singing bowls or gongs can trigger an emotional discomfort. Do not hit, strike and your strokes will be gentle.

Consciousness plays a role:- it is the consciousness of a player and the receiver both play a role during Sound Baths. Every sound has a consciousness attached. Every stroke within the same period of Sound Bath will be different. It is the group’s consciousness through which the player plays. Hence stillness within the player is very very important. Your stillness will not let you influence by the variations in the energies of the space. And it is exactly what you’ll give, share with the sounds.

Position of the player:- I believe in sitting in one place in stillness while playing. I do not prefer moving around. That disturbs & also distracts my connection with myself and the instruments.

After the Sound Bath:- I always suggest my participants to be in a space that allows you to be in touch with yourself. Hence avoid alcohol, smoking, loud music, too much of talking etc. Let the sounds settle and create their space within.

Be Aware:- It is only & only silence that can make a person become more aware. Until the minds chatter doesn’t stop, one cannot become aware. Suggest your participants to try and attend at least 2-3 Sound Baths in a month. That will yield the desired result. Attending a Sound Bath once in a while is like a teaser. It will bring you calmness & relaxation that will reside for a few days. One needs to recharge self timely.

How you feel is equally important:- Though it feels like you’re conducting Sound Bath for others, in actual you’re playing sounds for the outsiders who are the projection of your inside world. Your healing is equal to theirs and their healing is equal to yours. It is a participatory universe we live in.

I hope these pointers help you conduct successful Sound Baths. Wishing you a Sound Journey !!

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