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Filming Location

It is a matter of finding the natural sets in line with the staging requirements and allowing the practical and technical feasibility of the shoot.

The film location Miami can be carried out by the stage manager or the assistant stage manager, an assistant director, the director or in cases of large production a set agency or the tracker, a technician specializing in the search for sets.

The identification is a crucial step in preproduction. No good locations, no good sets for the scenes to be shot outdoors or indoors outside the studios, no successful shoots, no good films. So, there are some tips for successful filming. 

1) Start by Peeling the Scenario of Film

Analyze your scenario, and in this specific case, analyze by scenery. Going through the scenario will allow you to get a precise idea of ​​the interior / exterior settings necessary for the filming of the scenes of the film.

It is only by having a clear idea of ​​these decorations that you will be able to start looking for them and spot that what comes closest to them.

2) Take the Time to Reflect and Call on your Memory 

Once you’ve got your hands on the script, don’t jump right into the physical search for filming locations.

Take a few hours to recall places you have visited in the past or seen somewhere that might be suitable for the scenes to be shot.

3) Have a Camera 

It will allow you to take photos and make films of the various filming locations that were the subject of your shooting. 

You will then communicate them to the director, the cinematographer and the sound engineer which will allow them to get a clear and precise idea of the filming locations that you have spotted.

4) Make your Location for Shooting

Make your identification of shooting locations at times when you plan to turn your movie in such places. 

This will allow you to see what is wrong, the lighting is too weak or backlit at this time of the day, ambient noises such as construction noise, traffic noise, noise wind, airplane noise, etc.

You can then decide to find other filming locations to make all the necessary arrangements. For example, if you realize that the lighting is not conducive at a given time of the day, there is nothing to prevent you from identifying the times of the day when it will be.

6) Know How to Negotiate with the Owners of Location 

When locating private filming locations as an appropriate location for your filming, it would be best to have permission from the owner before informing your director of the existence of such a location. 

In addition, if you are shooting in a private place it is preferable, for safety, to have a written record and therefore to have a document signed by the owner, even if the verbal agreement, less careful but simpler, is also not possible. 

7) Show Flexibility and Adaptability while locating 

It is not always easy to spot a 100% perfect filming location for scenes in a movie. Sometimes, the constraints are so numerous that you have to know how to be flexible and review the required decor.

So, show some flexibility and adaptability while locating filming location. 

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