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Wearing Heavy Earrings

Many adore wearing long, intricate earrings and end up hurting our earlobes. Let’s face it, most of us buy earrings without considering their weight. Small hoops or studs are fine, but heavy ones like dangles or chandeliers can be quite irritating, especially for individuals with sensitive skin. Have you ever considered using a few simple hacks to help you wear your favourite earrings without causing discomfort or damage? If your answer is yes, here are some easy yet effective recommendations on how to wear heavy earrings without causing your earlobes too much agony.

Use an invisible patch

If you are wondering how to wear heavy earrings without causing discomfort due the weight of the earrings weighing it down, you should pair them with invisible patches. Not only will your earlobes be protected from straining, but you will also experience less pain. These invisible tapes for the back of the ears can be purchased online or in stores. All you have to do is cut out a little piece and glue it to the back piercing. It will then reduce tension by spreading the weight of the earrings over a larger area of the ear.

Apply numbing cream

If you like to wear large earrings from time to time, a small tube of numbing lotion should always be in your wallet. This ointment numbs the skin around the piercing (ear piercing kinds), making the weight of the earrings unnoticeable. Request a numbing cream from your local pharmacy. After a few seconds of wearing the earpiece, apply it. Make sure you only apply it once on each ear.

Kan Ser

While you can’t remove an earring’s weight, you can give it more support by adding a simple metal chain to help the ear handle the added weight. Kan Ser, also known as ear Ser, is a piece of jewellery that may be attached to existing earrings. The Kan Ser is mostly worn with Indian bridal jewellery sets as it looks elaborate. It comes with a lot of heavy parts, but if your earpieces don’t have Ser, you can always get it a multipurpose chain that will match with most of your earrings. All you have to do now is insert the Ser into the pin that goes into your ear piercing and close the earring. Try pinning the other end of the string a little higher on your hair to truly provide support.

Consider switching to lightweight jewellery

By switching to lightweight earrings can help you achieve the desired look without losing your own comfort. There is a large selection of hollow wood earrings, as well as lightweight materials, that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Lightweight alternatives such as light wood, clay, and plastic can be worn instead of enormous earrings made of hefty materials. So that your ears don’t hurt, switch to lightweight earrings. If you want to include huge earrings into your design while avoiding side pain, search for lightweight materials and oversized earrings. Now-a-days, light weight earrings are available in Indian bridal jewellery sets which is much easier to wear and handle.

Wear Your Earrings For Short Periods

If the techniques are still making you feel uneasy, you might want to seek another choice. To avoid too much pain, wear thick earrings for a short time. The more time you wear the earrings, the more they pull. Keep in mind that you should plan your event accordingly because heavy earrings can only be worn for a few hours.

Make sure to take your earrings off before doing any activity. For example, removing your top can cause an earring to snap and yank. Another reason could be exercising while wearing huge earrings. Toddlers and children, on the other hand, would also try to play and pull the large earrings from your ear while you carry them.

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