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There are a lot of people who are mesmerized by a good quality knife. People can go nuts when they think of owning or even choosing a knife. However, people don’t seem to understand that each knife is special. Furthermore, each knife is special in its own way of purpose. There are different knives. Types of knives differ from their purpose, but if there is one knife that can slash and take on the pounding of everyday use, then it is the Nepalese traditional knife, the Kukri Machete. The kukri machete is a traditional knife that is used by the Nepalese Military. The Nepalese kukri is a single-handed weapon which possesses a heavy convex tip. As a result, the Nepalese kukri falls under the category of a machete, being a knife on the heavy side. With this said, a kukri machete is endowed to be wielded with precision and professionalism. So, if you are looking for a kukri machete, then you have to consider factors to have the best one. But before that, you should learn what a kukri really is.

History of the Kukri

The kukri or khukuri is a knife that is widely used in the Indian subcontinent. The first wielders of this weapon are the Mallas. The widespread use of kukri had become evident when the Mallas seized power in Nepal in the 13th century. However, some historians say that the kukri has originated from the greek sword “kopis.” Both of the weapons have similarities, wherein both weapons have a recurve edge that constitutes to the kukri’s modern design.

Through time, the kukri has been forged by multiple Kamis or blacksmiths in Nepal. Today, the typical shape of kukri can be seen as an identity that mixes the slashing power of a knife and the chopping power of a machete.

Is the Kukri right for you?

Are you an outdoor person who loves to trek the woodlands? Or just a person who wants to clear up things on their backyard? Then the kukri is right for you. Why? First, the kukri is a knife because of the slashing capabilities it has due to its sharp edge. With that said, you can wield a tool that is good for cutting rope, slashing through a cloth and sharpening branches. Second, the kukri functions as a machete. The kukri is a single-handed bladed weapon that has a heavy tip. This means the kukri is a durable knife that can be used to hack vegetation and branches. Also, the heavy head of the kukri makes it possible to deliver immense power with minimal stress.

The blade design of the kukri is also unique. The tip of the kukri points toward the front, making it a machete that you can handle without putting effort on re-aligning your grip. However, due to its unique design, most people do have some difficulty in wielding such an astonishing weapon. If you are one of those people who want to have a multipurpose knife that can deliver both slash and hack, then here are some tips to consider when choosing the best kukri machete.

Tips on choosing the right Kukri Machete

There are a couple of features that you must consider when choosing a kukri machete. These features will ensure that when you pick a kukri machete, it will not only fit your preferences but also fit the purpose. Here is a kukri machete review. Here are some features that you must consider:

  1. Blade

The Blade is the bread and butter of the kukri machete. The size and weight of the blade matters, larger blade builds are best suited for carrying heavy loads of hacking and chopping. On the other hand, thinner and smaller recurved kukri machetes are more designed for slashing and cutting.  Most of the blade material is made up of high-carbon steel. This makes the kukri machete durable to withstand the strain.

  1. Sheath

Having a proper sheath can make or break your kukri machete. Why? When carrying a kukri machete, you should always think of safety. The safety concerns not only you but for the blade as well. The proper sheath must have both securities, for the blade not to fall or get loose, and care for the blade. A blade sheath does not only keep your kukri machete safe on your waist but also keeps the weather out of your blade.

  1. Weight

The weight of the blade, as mentioned above, is crucial when choosing a kukri machete. The size of the blade serves different purposes; the heavier stockier blade is essential when chopping branches and vegetation on the woodlands. And the smaller and slimmer type of blade is best when used for slashing and cutting.

  1. Handling

When picking a kukri machete, handling is the key. Due to its unique design, the kukri Benchmade knives are difficult to handle. Thoroughly dry the knife knivesshipfree.com and its handle. Rust can form on your knife if it is stored with moisture on it. Proper handling must be learned before you are able to pry out the capabilities of the kukri machete. If you are of a smaller build, you should opt to choose a smaller or medium-sized kukri machete for you to be able to handle it properly.

  1. Design

The kukri machete can come with different designs. Slimmer tangs and handles are much more difficult to wield. Wider and thicker handles offer much more comfort and grip. The design of the kukri machete head also makes an impact on how you handle the tool. Some kukri machetes have large tips which are best suited for hacking and chopping. Also, the design of the traditional kukri machete is plain high-carbon steel. However, some variants are spray coated with a rustproof coating which adds design and durability to the tool.

To sum it all up, there are a lot of kukri machetes available in the market and purchasing one is not so easy. This is why knowing what your preferences are essential for choosing a kukri machete. Not only that, but you should also choose a kukri machete that will fit the purpose of the work.

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