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When it comes to shopping for your wardrobe, what to wear n summer can be a tricking thing to figure out. You do not want to layer up a thick piece of clothing and deprive yourself of some air and also do not want to be left behind in terms of fashion. So what should be done?

Well, we are here you help you decide the ultimate wardrobe makeover for your summers this year. This is the right place where you will get all the summer fashion queries answered. So read along and find the ultimate do’s we have rounded down for you and your folks.

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The Do’s:

Get yourself a stack of tees

Well, tees are the ultimate lifesavers in summers. Especially f you are living in a city as hot as Karachi. You surely do not want to get soaked in sweat if you live somewhere where summers are not light. T-shirts are the ultimate summer must have you should buy dozens. Find colors that go well during days and at night. They can be paired with some fancy pants if you are headed to a formal evening get to gather.

A great pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are another essential that should be in every summer must-have list. Beat the heat in style and keep a pair of cool shades that do not only help you battle the merciless scorching sun, but also make you look drop dead gorgeous. But please do not wear them indoors or else you will be thrown behind bars by fashion police around you.

A cool baseball cap to cool you off in summers

Thank God for the creation of the baseball caps. I mean, can you imagine a world with no baseball caps? That too with a sun like this? That is a very horrible dream.

Baseball caps are an excellent summer essential that will be your solace for cooling towels off in summer. Get shade for your face and head with a baseball cap. These can be rocked at night parties as well. The best thing about baseball caps is that they give you the chic street style look.

Boat shoes for the win!

Boat shoes make a great pair of chillers in summers. Not literally. But they are very light and also give you a cool smart casual look. Furthermore, they can be worn with no socks as well. So if you are feeling warm, you can always put on these shoes and go out under the sun.

Now there you go, we have created an entire look for your summer outings. Just add a pair of jeans.

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